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Greetings.  Monica of the Detroit Chapter of
Refuse and Resist! asked me to post this response
>from her to the people on this list saying that
R&R is an avakianist front group.  -Jay

Although it is true that members of the RCP had a hand
in initiating Refuse and Resist (R&R!) in 1987, there
were far more non-RCP initiators.  Some of these include;
Abbie Hoffman, William Kunstler esq., Sonia Sanchez and
Leonard Weinglass.  Even if the RCP had been the sole
initiator, which obviously they weren't, the structure
of R&R! is not hierarchical and does not allow for one
person/organization to control the direction of Refuse
and Resist! nationally nor locally.

R&R! is a non-sectarian group that consists of people
ranging from christian pacifists to social democrats;
anarchists to communists and anyone in-between.  R&R!'s
direction is decided by the National Council (NC).  The
NC consists of members of each chapter, at large members,
and affiliate organizations (the RCP is not an affiliate).
The NC meet 4 times a year to discuss what has been, needs
to, and will go on.

In between NC meetings, members of R&R! elected by the
NC serve as the executive committee.  The exec. committee
approves money being spent, national leaflets going out,
and how to take up battles that arise in between NC meetings.
As of now, out of 6 exec. committee members (including myself),
one member is RCP (not me), another is an anarchist, and the
others are just pissed off and trying to make a change.

To say that R&R! is a front group for any organization is
a blatant lie.  It also is an obvious attempt at discrediting
an "in-your-face" organization that actually gets out of
their easy chairs and does something.  In essence these
accusations play into the hands of the cops and the FBI.

Obviously the people spouting these lies have a shallow
understanding of how R&R! actually works.  Through their
actions, I can only assume, they are more intent on
playing into the divide and conquer technique than creating
a united movement of resistance.

Monica / Detroit Refuse & Resist!

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