Aldolfo and Stalin

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Jun 5 23:23:23 MDT 1996

>Now there Lufty, do something useful and send us one of those chalk sticks
>to keep maleckis away from polluting the livingroom.  That way you will be
>indeed preventing the need for extermination by the old "stalinist" method
>of stomping them hard with the old red army boot and hear their squishy
>popsqueak saying goodbye!
The above is an interesting incite into the thought of Aldolfo. All those
who are temporarily allied with this potential mass murderer better watch
it. And Aldolfo this time the trotskyists will be using the eye for and eye
and if push comes to shove we shall see if history repeats itself. I doubt it!

malecki in exile..

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