"Transitional states"

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Thu Jun 6 04:17:43 MDT 1996

Malecki writes:

> In the real world there are basically, at least from 1917 and onwards three
> kinds of states. Capitalists,imperialists states and transitional states
> where the capitalists have been overthrown either by workers revolution
> (Russia) or peasant gurreilla warfare (China,Vietnam,Cuba, North Korea).
> Thirdly,transitional states occupied by the Red army at the end of world war
> two (East Europe.
> Naturally the third world countries come under in general capitalist
> imperialist domination through colonialism.
> All other states mentioned by Neil fit into one of these three
> categories.Meaning Sweden,Israel,Spain,England,Germany and Italy are
> capitalist imperialist states.
> But what Neil is really talking about is the transitional states. Meaning
> not capitalist and not communist but something in between!

States in transition from what to what ?

Russia in 1917 was a workers state.

After this, it wasn't. So a state in transition from a workers state to something
else means something for the period after 1917. For othordox trotskysists, this
transition went on for 70 years, which seems to me to be rather a long "transition",
certainly 40 years longer than Trotky thought it would be. Never mind though, at least
I understand what is meant.

But there were no workers revolutions, in the sense of revolutions made by workers,
in any of the other states you mention. In some ( China,Vietnam,Cuba ) there were
revolutions, but in others, the states were produced by tanks rolling in ( Eastern
Europe ). Nor were there workers states in the sense that Marx + Lenin meant.

I have a compost heap in my garden. I put fresh, green leaves in, and I get brown
rotten compost out. While the organic matter is in the compost bin, it is in
a state of transition. It used to be one thing, and it is in the process of
turning into another. Every so often, I open the lid, and see how the transition
is going on. I may toss the heap to speed up the process of transition.

But your states "in transition" never were workers states, nor are they in the process
of becomming one. So how can they be in transition from a workers state, or to it ?


Adam Rose


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