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>Aldolfo, Below is what Godena said.
>"That to me is the essence of the WMC; the BROADENING of
>>the support of the Peruvian revolution among workers, among
>>among communists, among all those who oppose imperialsim and the
ravages of
>>monopoly capitalism. "
>That means that you and Godena don,t have the same position on
>work. I will stress the words "all those who oppose imperialism".

This IS a very interesting contrast.  See the difference in emphasis
between Adolfo and Louis.  One enumerates who to TAKE the
support work AWAY from (exactly what I've been saying is my
problem with the WMC); the other who to EXTEND it TO.

I sincerely hope that the emphasis in Lou's post become primary
over that in Adolfo's.



MIM replies: I guess the CRCPA (Australian comrades) are having a
political meeting to decide if fighting cops is part of their "LINE" and
whether they should continue supporting RIM documents that unlike any
MIM document accused by CRCPA--allow for laying down of arms.

(Don't anyone tell Malecki the above, because then he would have to
choose between the joys of allying with cops and the joys of opposing
any compromise as a matter of PRINCIPLE. And don't tell Malecki that he
made a compromise with the bourgeoisie when he got a bank account or
signed up with the INTERNET, because he might just go do the "no
compromises" UNABOMBER thing and live in the woods.)

Meanwhile, we can at least get a better grip on Gina of the above quote. It
appears that the real root of the problem with Gina is that she has a
swampy Liberal line for "freedom." Even confronted with a cop--and it's
too bad Gina was one of those people who did not have documents
fabricated against her--Gina's response will be we cannot afford to be
"casting out" cops, because that's not going on the offensive.

The question is one of proletarian leadership, however. If Gina stops
claiming to be "MPP" and Gina stops supporting frauds who claim to be
"MPP," then Luis Arce Borja and AO will have much less to complain
about! If Gina stops claiming to be "Maoist" then MIM won't complain
either and we can be friends, whatever insults or political
differences may have occurred in the past. The people are entitled
to be swampy and there are even some advantages. It's not all
disadvantages going into the swamp.

MIM even has an organization for people who don't want to call
themselves Maoists, and they have some freedoms in there that people in
the party don't. Of course, the organization is led by a proletarian line, and
that will make it objectionable to the swampiest of swamp-lovers.

The IEC could have been a great project for the masses too, if it hadn't
been sanctioned by the RIM and contained people making attacks on the
PCP. No doubt someone somewhere should have said the "principal task"
is to save Gonzalo or the masses just wouldn't be themselves. The only
problem arises when the whole RIM gets signed up for saying that is the
task of the parties for the 100th Anniversary. That's not proletarian

So we see that despite their huffing and puffing, the supposed anti-
capitulators CRCPA see nothing wrong with not "casting out" cops. What
I remain curious to see is whether the CRCPA will join with Gina in not
"casting out" capitulators.

As for defense, one of the most effective means of "outreach" to the
masses is in fact defense. It is impossible to conceive of the Russian
Revolution without the attacks of Kornilov, the attempts of the tzar to
disarm the Bolsheviks and the gut instinct of the masses to defend their
lives by getting out of the war and defending their Soviets. It's when the
enemy attacks that the masses often realize, "it's us or them" and the battle
lines clarify what a lot of political smog released by the ruling class had
covered up. The bourgeoisie portrays the proletariat as bloodthirsty, out to
kill people for the hell of it, but that is just not how it happens.

The attacks on Luis Arce Borja are immensely clarifying. Maybe even Luis
Arce Borja himself finds them clarifying. And again, how can anyone
maintain the centrist pretense of Avakianism that the peace accords are
"objectively counterrevolutionary" and find it useful to attack AO and LAB
at this time? Who is benefitting from this attempt to strike down these
leaders against the peace accords? We also recall, Gina, that this little tiff
started for the people on this list when someone in Malmoe found a leaflet
attacking Luis Arce Borja. It seems that someone was "casting out" a voice
opposed to capitulation. Now the troops with Kornilov are getting a little
taste of their own.

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