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Thu Jun 6 08:21:44 MDT 1996

Hello Adolfo

Just one little thing: I don't believe in the next line.

>>>Now there Lufty, do something useful and send us one of those chalk sticks
>>>to keep maleckis away from polluting the livingroom.  That way you will be
>>>indeed preventing the need for extermination by the old "stalinist" method
>>>of stomping them hard with the old red army boot and hear their squishy
>>>popsqueak saying goodbye!
>>The above is an interesting incite into the thought of Aldolfo. All those
>>who are temporarily allied with this potential mass murderer better watch
>>it. And Aldolfo this time the trotskyists will be using the eye for and eye
>>and if push comes to shove we shall see if history repeats itself. I doubt it!
>>malecki in exile..
>Yeah, OK, we all know that, in a few million years - take a geological era
>or two either way - roaches will rule the earth, when it finally becomes
>un-inhabitable to humans due to irreparable natural decay of the solar

I beg do disagree on this admittedly at present perhaps not so crucial
point. But I believe there are better possibilities than those
oulined here for an anti-cockroack, pro-human future, namely
- now leaving out the question of the necessity of the dictatorship
of the proletariat, which I hope will be over and done with in
that somewhet more remote future - by the technical development.
You know, nukes, etc, and such stuff. Here I think we also,
even today, can get a small idea about why the roaches so intensely
hate precisely this.

On all other points I agree with you.

 I seriously doubt that maleckis will be in any way capable of
>"shoving" us anytime sooner though.  So, we are not going to worry too much
>on that account either.
>How is his application to the "editorial staff" of "New Flag" going?
>Not very well I gather.  Two Napoleons in the same old broken egg-shell?
>Always a bad proposition, even inside garbage can politics where the
>following principle applies:
>"Filth to filth, roach to roach" (From Sermon for a Dead Ccockroach, by
>Marcelina Ccccccorimanya, Published by "The New Bible Church of Latter Day
>Saints, "Luis Quispe" , Editor.

I think that'll be a must for all modern libaries quite soon.

Rolf M.

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