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Just an encore in agreement -

and since the subject line here still is that insulting one by the
creep Malignki I'd like to point out also that Luis G. in early
January was one of quite few peole who made a cautiosly positive
or interested comment on my posting "UNITE! Info #3en", which
contained some quite "controversal" and, to many, no doubt new
(but important!) things; I thought and still think that this is
a fact which shows up comrade Luis G. as absolutely something
else than a "nonenity just running with the pack".

>On Thursday morning, Gina wrote this, "inspired" by the politcal acumen and
>prescient observations of Robert Malecki:
>>This IS a very interesting contrast.  See the difference in emphasis
>>between Adolfo and Louis.  One enumerates who to TAKE the
>>support work AWAY from (exactly what I've been saying is my
>>problem with the WMC); the other who to EXTEND it TO.
>No, Gina, Adolfo and I both have the same objective; namely, re-building the
>Peru Support Movement along Leninist lines, seizing the initiative from
>those brigands and opportunists who have--like Avakian and "Quispe"--helped
>themselves to the 'fruits of the sacrifice' of the Peruvian people, lining
>their own pockets in a shameless expropriation of the People's War.   Adolfo
>said it best in the very post you quoted, when he spoke of the Peru support
>    "Putting it in the hands of the proletariat, organizing it [along]
>proletarian lines, making it the stuff of the proletariat's consciousness
>about the character of the era, and the need to fight against revisionism
>and the capitulation of the revolution.   A united front of sincere
>revolutionaries, not necessarily Maoists, but with a common sense and
>scientific approach."
>This is the gist of the Call of the WMC, and all the turgid contortions of
>"Qusipe" and Malecki can not change that.
>   Louis Godena
Hear, hear!

Rolf M.

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