Will the Help Come?

Vladimir Bilenkin azarov at igc.apc.org
Thu Jun 6 15:03:06 MDT 1996

Raymond wrote:

>If I was being really cynical, I might suggest that the
>self-survival and self-promotion instincts of various
>revolutionary organisations can explain quite a bit about their

>For example in the cold war climate a theory of state capitalism
>and the proclamation of neither 'Washington nor Moscow'could be
>quite organisationally useful. It would create a particular
>identity, always useful for a new product in the market place.
>And that identity could be sold as a clean break with the
>(recent) past; the all new untainted revolutionary product.

I guess I am "cynical" enough to add that a theory of state capitalism
seems to have been determined more by psychological than theoretical
motives.  I have in mind the tremendous pressure of the bourgeois
public opinion which the isolated anti-Stalinist groups of socialists
in the West (especially in the USA) have been facing since the 1930s.
>From the beginning, the problem of the nature of SU was as inseparable
>from that of its defence as theory from practice can be for communists.

There have been only three choices:

1. To accept Trotsky's position and to wage international struggle both
against the imperialist threat from the ouside and Stalinist
bureaucracy from the inside.

2. To renege, as Burnham did.

3. To eliminate the problem "theoretically," as Cliff did.

Objectively, the third option has been instrumental in the
international isolation of the Soviet working class and therefore in
the weakening of proletarian internationalism everywhere.

The theoretical falsity of Cliff's theory has been proven by the real
capitalist restoration in SU.  To continue holding to it in the face of
this is to betray hundreds of millions of socialist workers who today
face the final all-out attack on them by the combined forces of
international capital and their own bureaucratic-bourgeois cliques.
These workers are now witnessing the devastation that their Soviet
comrades suffer in their defeat.  They know that the same lies in store
for them too should they fail to defend their factories and their
land.  They need all help from the outside they can get.  They have
right to expect this help first and foremost from the adherents of the
Communist Manifesto. Will it come?


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