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WELL, WELL!  At last a crystal clear statement!  So in other
words, a more accurate title (or at least a sub-title) would be
"World Mobilizaiton Commission to unmask the "phonys" and
promote the "proven defenders" of the Peruvian Revolution.

Now, could you state with  equal clarity just what are th criteria,
exactly, for determining who is and who is not a "phony" and an
"enemy of the revolution"?  And,how about giving some references
for those quotes, so we can see the actual context--since you're
using single sentences out of context here?

In a message dated 96-06-05Adolfo wrote:

>Jesuits say:
>The World Mobilisation Commission is more concerned with weeding out enemies
>of the revolution than with winning potential supporters!  What a genius of
>Marxists say:
>"It is impossible to fight imperialism without FRIST fighting against
>opportunism"  - V.I. Lenin!
>"To distingusih real enemies from real friends is a question of paramount
>importance for the revolution" - Chairman Mao

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