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This is more than a little ridiculous.  The PSC/Detroit would never
even have existed if it had not been for the existence of the New
Flag and the persistent work of the NF comrades to unite with
supporters from various parts of the country and the world.The
members of PSC/Detroit would not have even known there were
other forces in the world supporting the People's War and upholding
Maoism except for the contacts we made through the direct and
indirect efforts of NF.

 We might still be under the illusion that Bob A was being kept
in France against his will by the revisionists in RCP to prevent
him from leading a rectification against them.  We could still be
believing the "Two-Line Struggle over peace talks"lie, and thinking
that the prospects for the Peruvian revolution were pretty bleak. It
was the New Flag that hipped us to reality, even if Jay now wants
to forget that fact.

It was the New Flag that encouraged us to form PSC/Detroit; that
gave us materials to distribute and to study, that encouraged us to
contact other groups and individuals, including on the internet.
People who are trying to control and manipulate don't do that.  They
make sure all communication goes through them, or discourage
and prohibit it altogether, like the RCP does.

Have these efforts been pristineand without wrror or raggedy edges?
Of Course not!  Social practice is ALWAYS raggedy and error-ridden.
The only way to correct errors (and make new ones on the way to a
higher level of practice) is through more social practice, not through
arguing it to death.  What split the Peru Support Committee was
political differences over the World Mobilization Commission, not
anything the New Flag did or did not do.

As for the  nature of solidarity work, so far a great proportion of it
has been translating and publishing the documents of the PCP and
making them available as booklets, on the web page, in the NF
itself; distributing these things at various events and thru the mail.
(And anyone who thinks translation is a simple, straightforward
matter ought to take a look at the computer-generated translation
of the 1976 PCP document "Marxism, Mariategui and the Feminist

United fronts in solidarity work are often transitory, since the
objective situation changes, the understanding of individuals and
groups changes and develops; new alliances are formed and old
ones broken as the situation changes.  Many activists have seen
this in the support work for death row political prisoner Mumia
Abu-Jamal.  When his death warrant was signed a year ago,
coalitions multiplied like rabbits.  When his stay of execution was
won, the coalitions diminished or dissolved because the component
organizations each have other main priorities.

Right now there is a concrete question before the Peru Solidarity
Movement (and the rest of the progressive movement as well): are
we going to allow the Yankee Imperialists to deport Julian Salazar
Calero?  Or are we going to reach out to broad and diverse forces
to safeguard this man's life and wellbeing?

Stay tune for details of what needs to be done.


In a message dated 96-06-05 Jay Miles wrote:
>Well, you did not ask me, but I feel somewhat qualified to
>comment on this question.  First of all, there is not a
>group "Red Flag", it is "New Flag", although that too is
>a mis-nomer, a name stolen from one of President Gonzalo's
>speeches to lend them an air of legitamacy.
>Next, what "solidarity work" means for them is to
>tell you whatever it is you want to hear, draw you into
>an organizational relationship with them,  then change their line
>all around so that instead of being anti-avakianist as they
>first appeared, to being pro-avakian and expecting you to
>go along with it.  It also means trying to split and divide
>the Peru Support Committees and disrupting their work.  It
>means also for them to do their damndest to discredit the
>PCP and the Peoples War in Peru.  Solidarity work for them
>means to use people, repeat, USE PEOPLE big-time and when they
>catch on, to attack them,  and tell the biggest most filthy lies
>about them in attempt to smear their names and organizations
>in the mud.
>I hope that helps a little.
>Jay Miles / Detroit

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