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London June 6, 1996

The arrest on the part of the US imperialist authorities of Peruvian citizen
Julian Salazar Calero on a "warrant" from the Fujimori dictatorship should
be rejected, denounced and oppossed on the grounds that it is nothing but a
lie an a plot on the part of the US imperialist and the Fujimori regime and
their agents.

A lie directly aimed against the People's War in Peru and geared to promote
fascist repression in the USA, and the world at large, against the genuine
revolutionary intellectuals, journalists, students and other Peruvians who
oppose the fascist regime in various countries, and against the growing
international movement of solidarity with the Peruvian revolution.

Whatever actions are undertaken with this objective in mind, it is necessary
to widen the scope of any political action beyond any "human rights"
framework centered on the personal situation of any individual, and,
especially, to prevent another Avakian style game of football from throwing
a smoke screen to protect political traffickers and agents of the
capitulationist gang serving Fujimori, people who are bent on reaping
political dividends from this affair in order to prevent the exposure of
their counter-revolutionary activities and collusion with the very
repressive organs of the imperialist Yankee state.

We call upon our comrades and our friends to undertake both a campaign of
denounciation of this collusion of US imperialism and the genocidal Peruvian
regime, and at the same time mobilise all resources in establishing the
facts behind this incident.  For that purpose, it is right to support the
actions of Civil Liberties bodies in defense of the rights of asylum
seekers, and it also important to call upon the progressive forces, and,
particularly the progressive media, to lend their support and to strive to
get at the bottom of this affair. What cannot be allowed, is for the agents
of capitulation to profit from the jeopardy they themselves have contributed
to place an individual.

The points to clarify in this affair must also be seen in the context of
parallel developments in other parts of the world, and of the inveterate
method of throwing-up smoke-screens historically implemented by the Co-Rim
leadership everytime they feel their "monopoly" on solidarity work with the
Peruvian revolution or their phoney claims to "Maoism" under threat.

The present incident of Salazar Calero must be seen within the framework of
this logic:

Mr. Salazar is accussed of being a "terrorist-guerilla".  However, no member
of the armed forces led by the Communist Party of Peru could be for any
reason "stationed" in New York city, without being: A) a completely innocent
person victim of a false accussation, B) a deserter from the ranks of the
guerilla forces, and/or c) a former prisoner of war who has been set free by
the regime to go abroad "to fight for a peace agreement" under the terms of
Fujimori's repentance law.

It is a well know fact that handful of turncoats in the prisons have
accepted the terms of the "repentance laws" and gone over to work in
Fujimori's secret services, pitting themselves against the People's War, the
Party and the revolution.  Therefore, in each and everyone of these
eventualities, this staged incident cannot be but a fraud.

It corresponds to the democratic people of America to unmask this plot of
the US imperialists and the Fujimori regime.  Here the question of the
extradition of Mr. Salazar is of course something to be prevented, whatever
his real condition may be. First, because the fascist Fujimori regime has no
right to accuse anybody of anything and justice belongs exclusively to the

And secondly, because it is a fundamental part of this plot to establish an
anti-democratic precedent of delivering people to the hands of the fascists,
as well as an attempt to present Fujimori with an staged "victory" in his
anti-subversive policy abroad, which up to date has miserably failed.

What cannot be allowed to develop is a demagogic campaign centered upon the
question of a single asylum seeker. One must stand for the principles
involved and at the same time get to the bottom of this affair to establish
correctly the facts.

Moreover, this incident has not ocurred in a vacuum.  It occurs within the
framework of a campaign on the part of Fujimori's "peace agreement plot"
agents abroad and in Peru, stirring a typical revisionist smoke screen
campaign of "martyr creation" in order to "re-validate" their obsolete
credentials as "defenders of the Peruvian revolution" and to assist the
tyrant in portraying the Peruvian revolution as "enfeebled" and in need of
"assistance" from "international terrorist organisations".

These are the facts that must be taken into consideration:

We had first, in April last, the incident in Stockholm in which a Peruvian
student in Sweden was attacked and ambushed by Javier Esparza Marquez, his
bodyguards, and the Swedish police.  The Peruvian asylum seeker was as a
result framed as a "knife wielding assassin" and accussed publically in the
Swedish media by the La Torres and Esparza himself, of being a "terrorist
oppossed to the Peace agreement" plot of Fujimori.

The Peruvian student has been imprisoned on those charges since that date
and is still languishing in jail.  Whatever campaign is developed at the
international level to prevent Fujimori from extraditing people from various
countries in the world, must also encompass denounciation of this plot, and
of the various attempts to have Peruvians expelled from Sweden on the
grounds of their support for the PCP.

Paralelly, in Lima, a japanese citizen (a woman) who according to the
Fujimori propaganda machine had travelled to Peru as a representative of the
"Japanese organisation Sol Rojo" - according to some - and the Japanese Red
Army Faction according to others - with the mission to "re-establish"
contact with a so-called "President Feliciano" - suppossedly the leader of
"the Red Path" fraction of the "Shining Path" - and to deliver funds
collected by "Japanese symphatisers" has also been arrested and charged
under anti-terrorist laws of the dictatorship.

This, of course is another montage and a 100% police fraud as well.  The PCP
has no "President Feliciano", nor a "Red Path" fraction.  The PCP does not
need, encourage or solicit funds from "sympathisers abroad" since the
Peruvian revolution guides itself by the principle of self-sufficiency.
Moreover, the PCP has no relationship whatsoever with any Japanese Red Army
Fraction, Sol Rojo or any other organism of that sort in Japan, therefore,
it can hardly "re-establish" a contact it never established in the first place.

Here too one must seek a sinister plot which may have cost her fredom to an
unsuspecting and deluded person.  A person whom the same sinister hand has
sent on a "kamikase" mission pre-arranged to give the Fujimori regime and
the imperialists - like they are already doing as reflected by the slant put
on the matter by the reactionary press in Peru, principally the newspaper La
Republica - a propaganda excuse to paint the PCP as part of an
"international terrorist conspiracy", and at the same time provide desperate
political traffickers with their own version of "Lori Berenson" to keep
waving their "red flag" which they claim is "flying over Peru".

This must be emphasised specially, since the case of Ms Berenson is
precisely an example of how the revisionist organisation MRTA would in fact
set-up an innocent American citizen and threw her to the Fujimori wolfes in
order to reap political dividends and be able to stage "human rights"
campaigns to promote their non-existent "struggle" against the Fujimoti regime.

In the case of Salazar Calero, reports indicate that he was arrested while
"applying for political asylum".  The question is then, either this person
is a total innocent who has nothing to do with the PCP at all having been
unjustly framed by the Fujimori regime for actions he never committed, or
then, if he was in any way involved with solidarity work with the
revolution, let's say, those who advised him to go seek asylum (if he was
already illegally in the country) must bear quite a lot of the
responsibility for his arrest.

The PCP does not encourage anyone to seek political asylum.  It is true that
some Peruvians under immediate threat of deportation have been forced to
seek political asylum, but just to walk out of the street and ask for it
alleging "support for the PCP" as a reason, is an intolerable imposture,
since the PCP is involved in a People's War and stands in no need to send
supporters abroad.

In other words, people who go abroad for economic reasons, should not claim
asylum using the PCPs name in vain - that too is an intolerable trafick with
the revolution.  Those who leave the country due to persecution, should only
cliam asylum in cases that are compelled by immediate danger of being sent
back to Peru accussed of being a supporter of the PCP.  That was the case
for example with some Peruvians in London who were accussed by the Fujimori
regime of being members of our Committee.

Only when such an accussation was made and arrest warrants issued against
them by the regime in Peru and publicited in the press, did such people take
recourse to political asylum - in fact one of them had been arrested and was
less than an hour away from being put on a plane back to Lima before he
asked for political asylum.

Therefore, on the one hand, we defend the right of asylum for those
persecuted by the Fujimori tyranny, whatever their political credo, and
reject the pretentions of the Fujimori regime and US imperialism to deliver
anyone to the hands of that heynous fascist regime.  On the other, we shall
get to the bottom of this affair, and we will not allow trafficking with the
honour of the Peruvian revolution on the part of capitulationist agents bent
on setting-up their own "human rights" "Lori Berenson" style signature
collection gimmicks in order to contribute to Fujimori's sychological
warfare "script" portraying the revolution as defeated, since its "fighters"
are fleeing abroad to seek refuge in the USA and other European countries.

Committee Sol Peru - London

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