State caps vs. Party membership

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Dear Ray,

Hopefully the current list debate on the issue of state caps. vs. workers
will continue. This is a crucial class line question in theory and PRACTICE.

Class struggles are an  objective fact of life in any  class society.
Struggles  like the Poll tax  fight in the UK, etc. and  others are very
important to the
class  to organize fighting spirit , resolve, conscoiusness , organizations,
ability to spread these type fights to other sectors of masses.

The (revolutionary ) party  and fractions participate in these actions but the
party is a distinct organized entity. The party is(will be) the embodyment of
the communist  programme, the retained experience of the workers over decades.
can only be composed of forces who defend and fight for the distinct
workers class cause agaisnt all other alien classes and trends. Not all
who are in the mass struggle are in the party , in day to day fights against
capital also engages forces form many non worker class and trends. The
 struggle if sustained helps sort out these trends to other millitant workers.

EG . You strike, picket , blockade in industrial actions , you fight , sometimes
up against  racist gangs, you link up with envirionmentalist and anti war people
mass protests , marches, etc. But there is the class issue smacking you in the
face from not only with out but from within--with tactics and goals..
Not just a mishmash of leftists, but liberals, pacifists , priests, labor
fakers, managers,   sexists, and  others with very anti-proletarian views. A
polemic and debate inside the struggles is nessessary to bring the struggle
forward. The actual experience and study of politics, and history  becomes key.
Only the most dedicated to the workers cause  see  forward to that need for the
Party to be built and it must have its goals , tactics, etc. clear and a visible
marxist pole.
This explains why you can have forces "striking together but marching
You cannot have forces who want to support state capitalism ang those who
want to eventually rid society of all capitalist relations in a real
revolutionary Party together as the Party is a concentrated class question,  A
key issue when the tempo
of the worker mass action grows hotter in the next few years.
Study the workers experience in past revolutionary or pre-revolutionary
situations from Germany 1919, England 1926 , France 1968, up to today  in our
To build a Mishmash Party of all to get numbers quick is pragmatism, a bourgeois

ideology. In the short a nd long term a setback for workers in struggle.


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