Bolshevism vs Menshevism?

Jorn Andersen ccc6639 at
Fri Jun 7 03:54:21 MDT 1996

Louis N Proyect wrote:

> What if the train carrying Lenin to the Finland Station had
> run into a moose and derailed killing everybody? Would there
> have been a Russian Revolution?

An interesting question. Certainly there would have been no
"April theses" - which I think "everyone" agrees was the first step
at arming the party for insurrection. So there is still room for
the role of personality in history ...

> What I am sure about is what won't work. To take that a step forward, what
> is *guaranteed* not to work.

This seems to be an argument of the same quality as Adam's argument that
Cuba is not socialist.


Jorn Andersen


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