MASK THE ENEMIES, PROMOTE THE PHONIES! - brilliant Jesuit's thesis

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Fri Jun 7 05:47:23 MDT 1996

MASK THE ENEMIES, PROMOTE THE PHONIES! - a brilliant and much undervalued
Jesuit's thesis to help Fujimori defeat any serious movement in solidarity
with the People's War in Peru:

Jesuit says:

WELL, WELL!  At last a crystal clear statement!  So in other
words, a more accurate title (or at least a sub-title) would be
"World Mobilizaiton Commission to unmask the "phonys" and
promote the "proven defenders" of the Peruvian Revolution.

Hear, hear!  Jesuit finally stumbles on a Marxist policy and feels horrified!

It is not only Lenin, or Mao, who hold the overall importance of exposing
counter-revolutionary agents within the ranks of the people as part and
parcel - priority part and parcel - of the struggle against the class enemy.

Here is what Chairman Gonzalo said in the Interview:

"Therefore, FOR US, THE ISSUE IS TO FIGHT REVISIONISM and to fight it
IMPLACABLY.  We must ALWAYS REMEMBER that we have been taught THAT IT IS
REVISIONISM......Since then (from the time of Marx - A.O.) and to this day,
we continue to fight revisionism, not only here in Peru, but also abroad".

This Jesuit is really a glutton for punishment!


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