Debating Karl: a waste of time

Karl Carlile joseph at
Fri Jun 7 09:10:24 MDT 1996

To the List:

Ha Ha! So St. Louis is getting angry.

The Holy One tells me that he was he was never
a Vietnam vet. Then you must have been a conscientious
objector since you have been around some time oh Hoary One of many years.

I have decided to rechristian you Louis the Baptist. I think it
sounds better than John the Baptist Proyect. I hope you reply to me since
I get a little fun out of some of your outpourings. What book are you
reading now that you can then plagiarize as Louis the Baptist's
potted presentation of something or other. It was cattle some time ago.
Perhaps this time it will be sheep.

Everybody attention please! Louis the Baptist, this Holy One, has
actually beseeched his most humble and sinful servant to give him "a
break". But why does this sage, this Holy One, not like the same kind of
treatment he meets out to others through his anonymous negotiations with
the keyboard. After all who is this Louis. Is he a multiple personality.
Being a Holy One it is conceivable that he can have more than one

> Louis: Look, Karl, give me a break and write your own analysis of the
> origins and methodology of the Bolshevik Party. If you put half as much
> intellectual energy into it as this jeremiad against me, I'm sure it will
> be something to behold. By the way, I am not Vietnam veteran. With respect
> to Nicaragua, all I did was recruit computer programmers to volunteer with
> the Sandinsta government. I have made it clear that this was the extent
> of my activities. If you have drawn such startingly different conclusions
> about my record, no wonder you can't make heads nor tails about my views
> on Lenin.
> Yours truly,
> Louis Proyect, opportunist of the century (no, make that the millenium)
Karl: No make that OPPORTUNIST EPIGONE of the milennium. Ha Ha!
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