Dung on Rye with Rosser

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Jun 7 09:29:20 MDT 1996

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996 ROSSERJB at jmu.edu wrote:

> a long way.  What happened to the guy who was going to go toe to
> toe with Don Adolfo?  One minute you were huffing and puffing and
> the next minute you were kissing this petty would-be Stalin's arse
> in the most shameful and despicable manner.

Louis: Berkeley, I am not stupid. Even though I didn't respond to you when
you were trying to stir up trouble between Adolfo and I, I didn't let it
slip by. I was not in a "debate" with Adolfo. I was in a stupid flame war
and only used a name like "Don Adolfo" in the most provocative and
insulting way. After tempers cooled off, people on the list with Maoist
and non-Maoist backgrounds began to tolerate each other and, later on,
dialog with each other. This is positive.

The reason this galls you is that you are an ideological foe of
revolutionary socialism. You speak about the abuses, but in only the most
inflammatory manner. To harp, for example, on the question of
"cannibalism" as you did a month or two ago showed that you were not
really interested in challenging the ideas of Maoism but scandalizing
individual Maoists.

I share with them and the CP members a basic agreement about the positive
gains of the Russian Revolution while you identify with social democracy.
The problem is ideological and not personal.

I don't think much can be gained by arguing with social democrats on this
list. It is much more important for supporters of revolutionary socialism
to sort out some really vexing problems about, for example, the role of
the national bourgeoisie in revolutions in places like Peru and Nicaragua.
Adolfo's polemic with Ralph Miliband, which you probably didn't bother to
read, was a much more elegant expression of Marxism than you have ever
produced on this list. That is why he doesn't reply to you and I why won't
either after this post. You are just not a challenging thinker no matter
many books or articles you've published. Sorry to break the news to you.

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