MASK THE ENEMIES, PROMOTE THE PHONIES! - brilliant Jesuit's thesis

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Jun 7 10:30:02 MDT 1996

>REVISIONISM......Since then (from the time of Marx - A.O.) and to this day,
>we continue to fight revisionism, not only here in Peru, but also abroad".
>This Jesuit is really a glutton for punishment!

Aldolfo, In reality you are fighting nothing. You have painted yourself into
a corner with Martens and are screaming-"your all traitors".

Over and above that under the guise of "fighting revisionism" you have and
utra sectarian view on solidarity work. By raising the full program of
Gonzalo and demanding that everybody unite around it is just utter stupid
and lack of anything of understanding around tactics of marxism. the united
front you purpose will never be anything but a few people kneeling and
praying for their gods..

malecki in exile

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