Time to 'pretty up' the fascist (fwd)

Robert Perrone perrone1 at igc.apc.org
Fri Jun 7 04:05:34 MDT 1996

I think "sanjii's" response to the reaction around his remarks to
Louis G.'s post have revealed "sanjii's " true character and purpose
on this list. While we might handle police agents (if "sanji"
isn't a police agent in actuality then he's missing a paycheck) in
our organizations and communities in a physical manner, I believe we
need to develop some creative tactics on the net to ridding ourselves
of this vermin. There must be something more creative and effective
then totally ignoring or, even worse, sending e-mail threats. In this
day of ever increasing encroachment and control by the state, such
threats can be used aginst the individual who makes them.

Robert Perrone

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