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Fri Jun 7 12:40:50 MDT 1996

 >> My guess is that when high profile people like Brown and
 Wicker start making noises like this, then profound shifts are taking
 place in the political landscape. <<Louis Proyect

 Jon Flanders:

  Exactly. And down at the bottom of the pile, when these folks start making
noises, those of us who have been plugging away with out co-workers get a
little more wiggle room. I have already raised the idea of going to Cuba for
the union conference next year with my local chairman. He blanched, because he
has hopes of grooming me for succession, but is getting used to the idea. He
bade me farewell on my days off with "Have a good weekend Fidel."

  While the dangers of co-optation should not be ignored, we should also help
ourselves to the opportunities to raise new ideas when the hegemonic political
facade of the ruling class starts to crack.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 07-Jun-1996

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