Discussin' with Gallopping Gina 2: More "forgot"

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Jun 7 14:29:42 MDT 1996


You wrote, on Thu 6 June, i.a.

> What split the Peru Support Committee was
>political differences over the World Mobilization Commission, not
>anything the New Flag did or did not do.

But obviously it was both these things, the second one even
being primary. How on Earth can you have managed to "forget"
that. You really try to close your mind to certain things, don't

Good is what, as you quote, Jay wrote to you:

>In a message dated 96-06-05 Jay Miles wrote:
>>Well, you did not ask me, but I feel somewhat qualified to
>>comment on this question.  First of all, there is not a
>>group "Red Flag", it is "New Flag", although that too is
>>a mis-nomer, a name stolen from one of President Gonzalo's
>>speeches to lend them an air of legitamacy.
>>Next, what "solidarity work" means for them is to
>>tell you whatever it is you want to hear, draw you into
>>an organizational relationship with them,  then change their line
>>all around so that instead of being anti-avakianist as they
>>first appeared, to being pro-avakian and expecting you to
>>go along with it.  It also means trying to split and divide
>>the Peru Support Committees and disrupting their work.  It
>>means also for them to do their damndest to discredit the
>>PCP and the Peoples War in Peru.  Solidarity work for them
>>means to use people, repeat, USE PEOPLE big-time and when they
>>catch on, to attack them,  and tell the biggest most filthy lies
>>about them in attempt to smear their names and organizations
>>in the mud.
>>I hope that helps a little.
>>Jay Miles / Detroit

Rolf M.

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