Malacki-ism/ The wages system under new management

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Fri Jun 7 14:39:55 MDT 1996


You wrote i.a., criticizing Malignki, Sweden.

>Dear robert,
>You don't seem to understand what capitalism or socialism really is.
>You seem wedded to that old bankrupt social democrat reform view that it
>is mere nationalization of industry by the state.
>Your  concepts of workers states would include not only ex-Russia
>E. Europe state caps but also Sweden, Israel, Spain, England,
>Germany, Italy which also have nationalized many industries (to save
> the industries for revamped capitalist profits while paying
>the capitalists to sit on their fat arses and lord it over the workers.)
>You love the wages system , but you just think it needs new management-
>that is why your trend tails behind stalinist states and the trojan
>horse union apparatus of labor aristocrats in the west.

That's IMO a correct criticism, except for the concept of
"stalinist" states, which doesn't differentiate between socialist
or capitalist ones either.  Approximately in the late '50:s,
socialism had been overthrown completely in the Soviet Union. During
decades before that, there was a complex situation which I hold to
be best analyzed as a socialism with deformations.

But you're right in also saying to Malignki:

>even Mr. Trotsky hearing your twaddle today would ,to paraphrase
> Marx,  say "if this is marxism than I am not a Marxist."
>You could become more than a legend in your own Mind.


Rolf M.

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