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On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Rubyg580 at wrote:
>This is more than a little ridiculous.  The PSC/Detroit would never
>even have existed if it had not been for the existence of the New
>Flag and the persistent work of the NF comrades to unite with
>supporters from various parts of the country and the world.The
>members of PSC/Detroit would not have even known there were
>other forces in the world supporting the People's War and upholding
>Maoism except for the contacts we made through the direct and
>indirect efforts of NF.

We have done support work for the Revolution in Peru since 1993.
Long before we ever knew of "Quispe/New Flag" existing.
We did get "revived" after meeting the "New Flag".  Getting all
our knowledge of the People's War from RCP had taken its toll and
demoralization set in.  However here is where you are purposely
forgetting something Gina.  The "other forces" in the world that
supported the People's War and upholding Maoism that we found by
our association with NF were Luis Arce Borja and Adolfo Olaechea
and Louis Godena, all of whom the NF  is now denouncing as traitors,
useless drunks, glory seekers, etc.
> We might still be under the illusion that Bob A was being kept
>in France against his will by the revisionists in RCP to prevent
>him from leading a rectification against them.  We could still be
>believing the "Two-Line Struggle over peace talks"lie, and thinking
>that the prospects for the Peruvian revolution were pretty bleak. It
>was the New Flag that hipped us to reality, even if Jay now wants
>to forget that fact.

I haven't forgotten anything Gina.  I may not be a rocket scientist
but I try my best to be a "serious thinker".  I have gone over our
whole practice with NF continously since I first recognized there
was something wrong.  What we got from NF was more pieces of the
puzzle, and frankly those correct pieces we got from them were
passed on from sources like the PCP and Luis Arce Borja, and we also
got a bunch of conflicting and confusing crap too which was the NF
contribution and you know that to be true.  These are the pieces that
you call ragged and not pristine.
>It was the New Flag that encouraged us to form PSC/Detroit; that
>gave us materials to distribute and to study, that encouraged us to
>contact other groups and individuals, including on the internet.
>People who are trying to control and manipulate don't do that.  They
>make sure all communication goes through them, or discourage
>and prohibit it altogether, like the RCP does.

He has already stated in one of his lying statements about me and
Tony that he is sorry for leading us to the internet.  And he should
be.  It is through this very quick means of communication that we
wised up to him.  We may have wasted a very long time working with
this fraud before we discovered what he is really about and who his
leadership is and what they're about and their connections.  The reason
for him doing anything is for the sole purpose of building the NF
"empire" or a circle of organizations centered around them, taking
their leadership.
Sorry, no can do, they are incorrect.  They have only displayed a
reactionary line and show not a bit of willingness to practice self-
criticism.  They are for the preservation of avakianism and for the
defense and support of known traitors and capitulators.
>Have these efforts been pristineand without wrror or raggedy edges?
>Of Course not!  Social practice is ALWAYS raggedy and error-ridden.
>The only way to correct errors (and make new ones on the way to a
>higher level of practice) is through more social practice, not through
>arguing it to death.  What split the Peru Support Committee was
>political differences over the World Mobilization Commission, not
>anything the New Flag did or did not do.

That is how you want to look at things.  First of all, you tried
to split our PSC and get us to disolve and go our seperate ways.
You were not correct in this, and you were unwilling to struggle
over the issues.  You were dead set on a split.  We did not go
along with these and you "withdrew" your participation.  The
remaining persons are in unity and not split.  You did not want
to "argue it to death", which is totally unlike your normal social
practice.  You are happy to continue struggling with a fraud and
reactionary person as Quispe, but you are quick to abandon us and
our local work.  How is this correct?  You were in unity with the
rest of us around the WMC but as soon as "Quispe" and co. indicated
they opposed it, you reversed yourself totally on it, so it is
not really the WMC that was the problem  , but problems with  taking
leadership from "Quispe" which we are not willing to do.  That is
what you turned from us, "Quispe"'s scheming and splitting tactics,
your accepting of "Quispe"'s rightist and fraudulent line.
>As for the  nature of solidarity work, so far a great proportion of it
>has been translating and publishing the documents of the PCP and
>making them available as booklets, on the web page, in the NF
>itself; distributing these things at various events and thru the mail.
>(And anyone who thinks translation is a simple, straightforward
>matter ought to take a look at the computer-generated translation
>of the 1976 PCP document "Marxism, Mariategui and the Feminist

And another part of their "Solidarity work" is attacking good
comrades worldwide and trying to discredit them while uniting
in "Solidarity" with the known enemies of the People's War,
Carlos and Delia La Torre, and Javier Esparza Marquez!

Think for a moment about "Quispe's" comments on one of the persons
doing this "translation work" from prison.  He never mentions this
person without commenting that they are crazy, but so what, we can
use them as long as they do good translation work.  And about
comrade Adolfo, how many times did he tell us, "he is good, let us
USE him"!  Anyone entering into solidarity with this persons can
certainly be guaranteed to be used, that is for sure.  For whom and
for what?  Just as the RCP uses the PCP and the Peoples War to
give them legitamacy as revolutionaries and leaders, this is the
purpose for the emphasis on the translating of documents.  To give
the appearance that they are the representatives of PCP.  That is
why after their reactionary attacks and outbursts on this list and
other lists, they immediately start USING and posting the documents
>from the PCP and President Gonzalo, both to say, we are speaking
for the PCP and Gonzalo, and also to discredit these too.  They do
not care for the PCP and President Gonzalo or they would not use them
in this terrible way.  He has said that the "New Flag" and the organization
is the MOST IMPORTANT thing.  That is not correct.  The world revolution,
world communism, the People's War is far more important than these little
band of fakers.

>United fronts in solidarity work are often transitory, since the
>objective situation changes, the understanding of individuals and
>groups changes and develops; new alliances are formed and old
>ones broken as the situation changes.  Many activists have seen
>this in the support work for death row political prisoner Mumia
>Abu-Jamal.  When his death warrant was signed a year ago,
>coalitions multiplied like rabbits.  When his stay of execution was
>won, the coalitions diminished or dissolved because the component
>organizations each have other main priorities.
>Right now there is a concrete question before the Peru Solidarity
>Movement (and the rest of the progressive movement as well): are
>we going to allow the Yankee Imperialists to deport Julian Salazar
>Calero?  Or are we going to reach out to broad and diverse forces
>to safeguard this man's life and wellbeing?>
>Stay tune for details of what needs to be done.

The Peru Support Committee / Detroit is going to oppose US imperialism
as it always has.  No one in their right mind is going to work with
Quispe/New Flag in this work.  They are only using this person after
seeing the success of the "Lori Berenson" campaign.  After totally
discrediting itself, they want to use this issue as another smokescreen,
as they did when they attacked Zodiac in unprincipalled way.  It is
just as they always do, they USE PEOPLE, in typical avakianist fashion.
When the report of this guy's plight came over, it was easy to predict
what "Quispe" would do, he would make merchandise out of it.  Gina,
after all the undeniable lies he has put out, why would anyone trust
anything this lumpen reactionary does or says?

Actually, "Quispe" is already working against this person and USING him.
After making the statement:

> We have been asked by the legal team formed for the defense of Juan S.
> Calero, to hold on our detailed statement on the situation of this Peruviam
> citizen

he then goes on to completely disregard what the "legal team" asked him!
He goes on to reveal all kind of information, including his citizenship,
history, his family, extremely personal details.  This is not correct.
With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Jay Miles / Detroit

>In a message dated 96-06-05 Jay Miles wrote:
>>Well, you did not ask me, but I feel somewhat qualified to
>>comment on this question.  First of all, there is not a
>>group "Red Flag", it is "New Flag", although that too is
>>a mis-nomer, a name stolen from one of President Gonzalo's
>>speeches to lend them an air of legitamacy.
>>Next, what "solidarity work" means for them is to
>>tell you whatever it is you want to hear, draw you into
>>an organizational relationship with them,  then change their line
>>all around so that instead of being anti-avakianist as they
>>first appeared, to being pro-avakian and expecting you to
>>go along with it.  It also means trying to split and divide
>>the Peru Support Committees and disrupting their work.  It
>>means also for them to do their damndest to discredit the
>>PCP and the Peoples War in Peru.  Solidarity work for them
>>means to use people, repeat, USE PEOPLE big-time and when they
>>catch on, to attack them,  and tell the biggest most filthy lies
>>about them in attempt to smear their names and organizations
>>in the mud.
>>I hope that helps a little.
>>Jay Miles / Detroit
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