These boots are made for squashing

Fri Jun 7 17:31:50 MDT 1996

     Well, well, well, there Louis Proyect goes again, deciding
that he is the list owner who can decide who should be on here and
who shouldn't.  This is only about the fourth time that he has decided
that I should not be.  The first time it was he and Lisa who were
the revolutionaries offended by my claims that the crimes of Stalin
came from the structures, practices, and ideas of Lenin.  Now, of
course, dear Lisa has become the evil Baroness von Duck Pond, its
Head Quack, as it were, the place to which I am supposed to repair.
Oh well, it seems that several times a week somebody has to take
Louis to task for this tendency on his part to assume this role.
     I happen to think Don Adolfo is very intelligent and even
occasionally humorous.  He and I have even had some intelligent
exchanges, although we have done some pretty hard poking too.  Frankly
I think that he enjoys being called Don Adolfo as he evinced rather
great pride about his aristocratic ancestry when it was brought up.
     But, I find it ludicrous that a bunch of people are upset on
this list that I mocked the factional warfare going on on this list.
I happen to take the Peruvian struggle seriously and that is why I
have been so critical of the behavior and attitudes of those claiming
to speak for it on this list.  When people spend all their time accusing
each other of being police spies and calling for each other's physical
elimination, this is getting pretty far.  Don Adolfo has declared that
he wishes to don Stalin's boots to go squashing.
     Louis says that I am obsessed about cannibalism.  Well, Louis, the
real issue is the Cultural Revolution which I do not think you are a big
fan of.  In fact weren't you going to critique it back before you decided
to "dialogue with the Maoists" this being your pet list and they are in
charge, having achieved "victory" over you?  The alleged cannibalism episode
was simply the most extreme outcome of the GPCR, just as the purges and
the Gulag were the most extreme outcome of Stalinism.  To ignore either
is like a Nazi saying that talking about the Holocaust in relation to
the Nazi regime is a distraction from all the good it did (autobahns!
full employment!).
     Let's hear it for the Avacationing clowns!, :-)
Barkley Rosser

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