Louis Godena actually said something

Rahul Mahajan rahul at peaches.ph.utexas.edu
Fri Jun 7 20:05:44 MDT 1996

Louis G.:

>Rahul, you write:
>> Half the time the
>>leadership is the most counterrevolutionary element of the revolutionary
>A provocative statement.    Does that mean that the other 50% of the time
>the leadership is the most revolutionary "element" of the revolutionary


Or does it mean simply that the leadership of revolution always
>takes the good along with the bad,


> and that those "leaders" that manage to
>embody sound principle and steadfastness of purpose are themselves worthy of
>at least the provisional support of the people "who"--in your words--"are
>making it?


I don't want to overstress the factor of who the leaders are and what their
attitudes are, though. There are also important structural factors to
consider, which seem almost inevitably to lead to "Thermidorianization,"
even of genuine mass movements. I don't think they have been sufficiently
analyzed ever before. Of course, people you repudiate like Trotsky have
made beginnings. The universal scope of the phenomenon suggests, however,
that more is needed.


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