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Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sat Jun 8 00:40:58 MDT 1996

Hello Robert,

You wrote:

>It seems to me that support for the Peoples War in Peru could be
>widened even further if people did not have to support some of the
>slogans Adolpho lists. Somehow, I cannot see a rank and file member
>of my union understanding why he or she has to support the slogan
>"Long Live Chairman Gonzalo, etc." before that person can support the
>People's War in Peru. For that matter, I don't understand either.
>Shouldn't the strategy be to "unite all who can be united" instead of
>restricting the support to the few who can uphold all those slogans?
>Robert Perrone

This has been discussed before, and you're right in advocating
"unite all who can be united". But the call for the WMC does
advocate that, too. As one of the tasks for the proposed WMC,
the call has:

"6.Work towards convening and implementing a WORLD CONFERENCE to
congregate political parties, support groups, mass organisations and
fronts, as well as personalities who sympathise with and support the
People's War in Peru.  To appoint an Organising Commission to this

I on my part some time ago, when Adolfo had referred to this in a
reply to the "MIM",  made the mistake of thinking he meant to state
that such a conference would be the only or principal task of the WMC.
But he pointed to this thing which the call *also* states - it doesn't
contradict the other point about one task of the proposed WMC being
to defend Marxism.

What's proposed in fact is a two-tiered order: The WMC itself i.a. is
to uphold Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought (the latter often
referred to as "Maoism" by comrades today). And it will also convene a
conference to unite - hopefully - all supporters of the people's war
in Peru.

I support such a line of action. It doesn't contain that secterianism
which you suspected.

Rolf M.

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