Does the PCP want the WMC?

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Sat Jun 8 00:51:28 MDT 1996

While individual Peruvians have an unquestioned right in my book
to do anything they want, as the weeks slip by, the call by
Olaechea and Borja for a World Mobilising Commission looks
increasingly strange in the absence of any evidence of
support from the Communist Party of Peru.

Textual evidence has been posted that while Guzman was free,
the PCP analysed the contradictions in the RIM and decided it
was correct to work in there. It is possible
that it may continue to think that some compromises are
desirable with people with whom it has differences of principle.

But if Adolfo and his supporters are continuing to take up
bandwith by belabouring those unconvinced of his call, why
do they not just point to signals from within the PCP
that the PCP want people to go ahead with the WMC? Would not
that save a lot of time and energy? But perhaps that evidence
does not exist.

Chris Burford

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