Interesting Detcom info on Gina's practice

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sat Jun 8 00:59:57 MDT 1996

One of the Detcom comrades, Jay, recently wrote to Gina,
who's left that committee and now is with US imperialist
agent "Quispe", about how their internal struggle went:

>That is how you want to look at things.  First of all, you tried
>to split our PSC and get us to disolve and go our seperate ways.
>You were not correct in this, and you were unwilling to struggle
>over the issues.  You were dead set on a split.  We did not go
>along with these and you "withdrew" your participation.  The
>remaining persons are in unity and not split.  You did not want
>to "argue it to death", which is totally unlike your normal social

This is typical how opportunists and supporters of reaction work.
The Detcom comrades obviously have done quite well in carrying
out the ideological struggle here, setting a good international
example. They have done what they could to argue things out as
far as possible. The outcome of this struggle, although the Detcom
is a small committee, is most heartening.

Typically, too, Cris Tian Neigh Bour(ford)ly Love, London, who
opposes all exposing of agents etc (such as "Quispe") and "wants us
all to be friends", tried to frighten people by writing that, because
of this struggle, "one support committee" (the Detcom) was "almost
split". There you have an example of the other sort, the negative one.

Rolf M.

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