History of CPSU (B)

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Sat Jun 8 01:13:00 MDT 1996

Chris Tian Neigh Bour(ford)ly Love, London,

You wrote i.a.:

>[a principle which on our own dear l'st Adolfo no
>doubt would apply perfectly to the "Jesuit", Gina, after merely
>having to change the gender in the sentence.]
>Does anyone know the number of copies and the circulation of
>the "History of the CPSU(B)" in the 40's and 50's? I would
>suspect it was very influential in prejudicing orthodox
>communists against Trotskyism.

>Chris Burford

On my part, I hold that there's reason to suspect that that
"History" in certain respects, concerning the '30:s events,
is not correct. There obviously were made a number of bad
things by the then Soviet regime - which I in the main still
defend - among them, falsely accusing a number of people
voicing genuine complaints and criticism as "Trotskyites".
But there were genuine Trotskyites, too, and on the necessity
of combating them, the "History" is correct.

When communists attack Trotskyism and also your own kind of
"appeasement" ("why, there are NO police agents here, the
bourgeoisie NEVER does such things as sending such people
to subvert the movement"), they are NOT "prejudiced". On the
contrary, if they don't attack such things,they're NOT

Rolf M.

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