WMC ("Louis G. actually.." smeared by Malignki)

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Jun 8 01:38:46 MDT 1996

>Hello Robert,
>You wrote:
>>It seems to me that support for the Peoples War in Peru could be
>>widened even further if people did not have to support some of the
>>slogans Adolpho lists. Somehow, I cannot see a rank and file member
>>of my union understanding why he or she has to support the slogan
>>"Long Live Chairman Gonzalo, etc." before that person can support the
>>People's War in Peru. For that matter, I don't understand either.
>>Shouldn't the strategy be to "unite all who can be united" instead of
>>restricting the support to the few who can uphold all those slogans?
>>Robert Perrone
Rolf writes;
>This has been discussed before, and you're right in advocating
>"unite all who can be united".

Rolf, the above is not the line of Aldolfo. He is running the KPML-R line of
the red front...

malecki in exile...

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