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You wrote:

>>Robert, to support a revolution, means to support its leadership.
>The problem with Stalin/Mao/Gonzaloism in a nutshell. Half the time the
>leadership is the most counterrevolutionary element of the revolutionary
>movement. To lead a revolution means to support the people who are making
>it. The responsibility is of the leaders to the people, not vice versa. Not
>understanding this is the reason why movements like the ones you support
>will only replace capitalism with the Gulag, assuming any of them is ever
>successful in the future, which is not likely.

You're quite right in pointing out:

*"The responsibility is of the leaders to the people, not vice versa"*.

This fact always was stressed by Mao Zedong and by the other
genuine marxists.  The 10th National Congress of the CPC,
for instance, in 1973, pointed as the mein criterium for
distinguishing between genuine communism and phoney: Whether
to build a party in the interests of the great majority of all
people or to bould it in the interests of some minority group
or other (which would then in reality be a bourgeois group, and
a bourgeois party).

I'm certain that comrade Adolfo by his statement didn't intend
to contradict that.

It's indeed the experience of the masses in this century that, time
and again, and again and again, leaders have betrayed the revolution.
But certainly, Mao Zedong did *not* do that. Precisely the
Marx-Lenin-Mao Zedong "tradition" it is that's representing the
interests of the great majority and which criticizes and exposes
betrayal by leaders.

Now that I'm writing to you - and have understood that you're
a physicist, and one with Indian background, too - I'd like to
take the opportunity of asking you: Did you read (some of) my
postings on the bourgeoisie's "green" warfare? What do you think
of them, and/or on the issues discussed?

Rolf M.

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