A Rotten block?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Jun 8 02:06:50 MDT 1996

Hi list,

The first serious test for the new Aldolfo-Martens group shows that the only
real unity is there hatred of the Red Flag people.

On the United front Martens and Aldolfo have completely different positions.
Aldolfo the red front of "revolutionaries", Martens the popular front of
everybody. Both are wrong.

Revolutionaries try to create proleatarian united front formations of
Independent working class struggle..We try to show in struggle who fights in
the workers interests and seperate the base from the top.

Aldolfo wants to dictate conditions to the working class and martens wants
to liquidate independant class struggle  by building a popular front..

warm regards
malecki in exile...

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