Do we support the leaders or the people?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sat Jun 8 06:07:55 MDT 1996

>>Robert, to support a revolution, means to support its leadership.
>The problem with Stalin/Mao/Gonzaloism in a nutshell. Half the time the
>leadership is the most counterrevolutionary element of the revolutionary
>movement. To lead a revolution means to support the people who are making
>it. The responsibility is of the leaders to the people, not vice versa. Not
>understanding this is the reason why movements like the ones you support
>will only replace capitalism with the Gulag, assuming any of them is ever
>successful in the future, which is not likely.

Well said, Rahul. You could have added Sandinism and Castroism while you
were at it, though.

And there is still a real danger that movements like this will actually be
successful, and carry out the contradictory measures of instituting a
workers' state (in spite of themselves, unlikely as it seems at the moment)
and a counter-revolutionary regime running a prison of the people.



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