MASK THE ENEMIES, PROMOTE THE PHONIES! - brilliant Adolpho thesis

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>MASK THE ENEMIES, PROMOTE THE PHONIES! - a brilliant and much undervalued
>Jesuit's thesis to help Fujimori defeat any serious movement in solidarity
>with the People's War in Peru:
>Jesuit says:

>>WELL, WELL!  At last a crystal clear statement!  So in other
>>words, a more accurate title (or at least a sub-title) would be
>>"World Mobilizaiton Commission to unmask the "phonys" and
>>promote the "proven defenders" of the Peruvian Revolution.

>Hear, hear!  Jesuit finally stumbles on a Marxist policy and feels
>It is not only Lenin, or Mao, who hold the overall importance of exposing
>counter-revolutionary agents within the ranks of the people as part and
>parcel - priority part and parcel - of the struggle against the class enemy.
>Here is what Chairman Gonzalo said in the Interview:
>"Therefore, FOR US, THE ISSUE IS TO FIGHT REVISIONISM and to fight it
>IMPLACABLY.  We must ALWAYS REMEMBER that we have been taught
>REVISIONISM......Since then (from the time of Marx - A.O.) and to this day,
>we continue to fight revisionism, not only here in Peru, but also abroad".
>This Jesuit is really a glutton for punishment!

And, true to form, Father Adolfo avoids the question again!

>>Now, could you state with  equal clarity just what are the criteria,
>>exactly, for determining who is and who is not a "phony" and an
>>"enemy of the revolution"?  And, how about giving some references
>>for those quotes, so we can see the actual context--since you're
>>using single sentences out of context here?


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