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Date: 08 Jun 96 02:51:28 EDT
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Subject: Does the PCP want the WMC?

While individual Peruvians have an unquestioned right in my book
to do anything they want, as the weeks slip by, the call by
Olaechea and Borja for a World Mobilising Commission looks
increasingly strange in the absence of any evidence of
support from the Communist Party of Peru.

Textual evidence has been posted that while Guzman was free,
the PCP analysed the contradictions in the RIM and decided it
was correct to work in there. It is possible
that it may continue to think that some compromises are
desirable with people with whom it has differences of principle.

But if Adolfo and his supporters are continuing to take up
bandwith by belabouring those unconvinced of his call, why
do they not just point to signals from within the PCP
that the PCP want people to go ahead with the WMC? Would not
that save a lot of time and energy? But perhaps that evidence
does not exist.

Chris Burford


MIM replies: Chris, you are in a jumble of contradictions. First of all,
if you want to pose as innocent outsider, then you have to admit that there
is no evidence that the PCP opposes the WMC either. Plenty of things are
going on all the time in the effort to support the PCP, and documents don't
exist about them. For example, in all the years of MIM's work, there is no
document for or against what MIM has done. Why would the PCP leap up
to oppose the WMC it couldn't have investigated yet?

Surely you know, Chris, that under Maoism it is "no investigation, no right
to speak." How could the comrades in Lima or the Peruvian countryside be
as well informed as we are about what is happening here? Look, Quispe
just admitted he never met Esparza. Well if it's true, he's revealed his anti-
Maoist and anarchist mask for a cop again. If he's never met Esparza and
has no idea what Esparza is up to on the ground in Europe, then he should
SHUT UP ("no right to speak") and follow LAB's and AO's leadership. I
can't even say MIM has never met Esparza, but we still defer to LAB and
AO on that question.

You see Chris, real Maoists, when they are working together, defer to each
other when a lack of investigation would create errant action. You saw for
yourself that just a few weeks ago Quispe was working with AO and
publishing respectful material about and from LAB. So why doesn't he
defer to them on the issue of Esparza? Instead, he is now agitating for the
re-entry of Esparza into acceptable circles. Did you notice this sudden
about-face for Quispe Chris or do you not follow the train of argument the
last few months? If you are not generally familiar with what New Flag has
been doing the last couple years, I wish you would think before intervening
on its side.

And now all of the sudden Quispe is making excuses for Comrade Norah's
relatives and people calling the PCP "totalitarian." How could this be the
voice of the PCP Chris? Are you really that out of it?

Then let's take your RIM argument at face value. If the PCP DOES want
to work within the RIM, well the RIM is an INTERNATIONAL body,
not just the RCP-USA or the PCP. And once again it would have to have
some way of taking account of international Maoist opinion. So why can't
people seek to influence international Maoist opinion the way LAB is? You
must admit that there are NO documents saying that RIM has centralism. If
it did have centralism, then only the RCP-USA voice would be valid, and
then of course you'd be right Chris, at least formally speaking. But in
fact there ARE documents saying there is NO CENTRALISM in the RIM,
so how can it be said the PCP wants to block the WMC in the name of RIM?

Finally, did you read Mao on the COMINTERN? Do you think he would
have favored Lima making decisions about Paris and Stockholm? Do you
think decisions in Ayacucho should come from Chicago?

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