Short and URGENT - Mass arrests - READ THIS POST!

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Sat Jun 8 05:41:03 MDT 1996


The hunger strikes of political prisoners in Turkey have reached day 40.
There have been various actions supporting them, and the police have started
mass-arrests, but not just related to this event.

There was going to be a meeting in the headquarters of the Union of Public
Sector Employees, and police started arresting everyone, last count
estimated at 1,500, the numbers are getting bigger by the minute.

Someone inside the building managed to reach me, currently contact is lost.

Mass-arrests are not safe in Turkey, they have been recent deaths under
custody, even when numbers were that large.

For what is worth, an international public cry sometimes helps a bit.

The union's name is KESK in Turkish, a fax calling for immediate release of
those detained in the KESK headquarters to the <sigh> Prime Ministry, and/or
Ministry of Internal Affairs is what should be done.

Fax of Prime Ministry       : +90 312 417 04 76
Fax of M.of Internal Affairs: +90 312 418 17 95

And hell, just while writing this, I called the Human Rights Association,
thought I'd give their number as well, so you could get to them for
information, if I could not, as likely, be around for long- and they told
me, they were also surrounded by the police. Looks like we've got big time
trouble here.

And I've just learned that all leftist parties, all human rights
associations and many other places are under police blockade. Of course,
this also means an information black-out. Well, at least now you know.

Can someone in England reach ICTUR, International Center for Trade Union
Rights, number is +44 171 498 47 00, inform them about this. I've not been
able to reach them. They know me by name.

The phone of Humans' Rights Association is:
+90 212 251 54 55

At least spread the news comrades. It was just pure luck that someone was
able to find me. They are blocking phone calls from the places they've
surrounded. While writing this post, I've realised this simultaneous
blockade is the first time they're doing it this way, and they're trying
very hard to keep the news from getting out.

Take care,

My phone is: +90 216 348 61 30
   fax   is: +90 216 418 59 98

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