Do we support the leaders or the people?

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Sat Jun 8 16:43:07 MDT 1996

>This seems especially a problem in an "underdeveloped" country, where the
>masses are often barely literate, and the leadership drawn
>disproportionally from ruling class rebels. Isn't there a danger that,
>should the revolution succeed, the leadership will revert to its class
>origins and behave like a neo-ruling class?


Thank you Doug. That's exactly why I idiotically lose sleep over what will
happen *after* the revolution. I keep going back to the subject, but this is
no joke. I repeat, we need to look into the pedagogy of the working class,
the need to interact with the working class, in a way that results in those
people not taking crap from anyone, including "us". Before, Hugh starts
again telling me that it is because I have not experience in a "real working
class vanguard party", I strongly insist, the "masses", and the working
class, here at least, idolises, looks up to and forms cults around the
"leadership". The point isn't whether the leadership deserves it. Maybe this
one does. So what? As one good quote goes, don't we want to recreate the
world, not just conquer it? Power is a strong, corrupting, intoxicating force.

I wonder if this post will be held against me in the future, when I'm just
about to get my Dacha.

Ok. The following is also true. (Honestly, not ironically)
"Leadership is necessary. We're fighting against a strong, centralised
bourgeois state. The conciousness of the working class is formed by the
material conditions of their life, which are bourgeois relations. Their
class insticts may point towards the enemy, but by themselves they can't
organise in a manner sufficient to overthrow the state. A socialist
revolution is different from all previous revolutions in the fact that the
political revolution preceeds the economic-social transformation. Hence, it
is not possible to have 'socialist' islets without seizing political power.
That is not possible without a centralised, trusted leadership charting
strategy, organising and fighting throughout the whole period."

Do I get my Dacha now?



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