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>Yes, provided the proletariat in Russia takes the road of confrontation with
>the class enemy and not of accomodation with it.  People will only help
>those in struggle.  Only those who have began to help themselves and stood
>up!  I am sure, that sooner of later, they will, and then we will be in the
>same trenches. Terrible exploitation and robbery, bad as it is in Russia, is
>not that unique if you compare it to the subject nations of the imperialist
>world. It all depends of what the Russian proletarian wants! Does it wnat
>"relief" from capitalism's worse excesses?  Or does it want to lead again in
>advancing to socialism?.
>Of the answer to that question, it would depend what the people from the
>Manifesto will actually do.  In the first instance, they will of course
>support all and each of their struggles of resistance, denounce the fascist
>character of Yeltsin's dictatorship, encourage the working class leadership
>in Russia to look into the lessons of Marxism, into the teachings of Marx,
>Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao, to find in these a theoretical
>guide, a method to implement a higher degree of struggle, the struggle for
>If this last struggle is openly and irrevocably embarked upon, they will
>enjoy the support of the proletarians of all countries, who, if they
>succeed, and in the theoretical conviction that they would, will certainly
>strive to be able to succeed together this time with a better chance of
>success given today's conditions.  One struggle will feed off from the other!
>Adolfo Olaechea

I was very moved by Vladimir's appeal.  Zeynep's dispatches have had a
similar effect on me. They should both know our thoughts are with them.

I was going to reply to Vladimir but I could not possibly better Comrade
Adolfo's post. He said everything that needs to be said.

I believe with him that when the banner of proletarian revolutionary
internationalism is once more unfurled in Russia that it will galvanise
again true international support.



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