What is a Jesuit?

Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Sun Jun 9 01:38:09 MDT 1996

Could Adolfo  explain what is the ideological
meaning of labelling Gina and myself as jesuits?

Or is it just knock about, in the name of anti-revisionist

Is it to imply that arguments are being used apparently
reasonably but in fact deviously. If so kindly demonstrate.

Gina and I have clarified major differences between us and are in
no way natural political allies. I think the only thing
we have done to prompt this common jibe is to ask legitimate
questions, without using insults.

I think the pressure is on Adolfo to show that these questions
are not legitimate. If he thinks they are not appropriate, rather
than making insults, he could show why his
way of reframing the question is more convincing.


The mouths of human beings are bacteriological culture dishes,
very probably laden with far more bacteria than the antennae of
Adolfo wants the right to crush anything he arbitrarily chooses
to see as alien to himself.
The metaphor is quite pertinent.

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