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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Jun 9 02:28:19 MDT 1996

Louis wrote;
>I have been fighting for socialism for nearly 30 years and have put my
>life on the line on more than one occasion. When you and others throw
>these types of epithets around in an unthinking manner, you are putting an
>equal sign between me and traitors to the labor movement. What I find
>interesting about cyberspace is that creeps like you, Rodwell and Malecki
>don't have to establish their own credentials before they rip into others.

Dear Louis,
Now you are taking this very personal. Naturally i do not question your
integregity in fighting for nearly thirty years, nor that you have put your
life on the line. I have never said that you were outside of the working
movement. However discussing the thrust of your political arguements means
also trying to put labels on your postions which are understandable both to
myself and otheres on this list. Or perhaps we should start with all this
ulgy snake shit that has been going on among the maoists here.

The point in having these discussions is certainly not to make you a
traitor. The point is to try and find out the way forward or backward or
standing still of the workers movement. And in order to do that we have to
discuss the policies and politics of those who claim they found the way..So
don,t take it so personal....
>For all I know, you have never lifted a finger in your life to build a
>single struggle against capitalist oppression. So you then have the
>audacity to label me as a reformist. You, Malecki and Rodwell don't seem
>to have the slightest ability to be self-critical. For somebody
>who wants to change society, this is a real handicap. How can you
>establish democratic links with the masses if you can not conceive of
>yourself as being capable of error?

Oh believe me i know my weaknesses. And i know i will make mistakes just as
the party which will lead the working class will make mistakes. However
their are certain mistakes that we do not want to repeat historically that
his a collective part of our history as Trotskyists. That is where we differ
with many people on this list. They keep repeating the same formulas that
have led to defeat after defeat after defeat...Should we stop in trying to
tell people this is wrong! It has been tried before and has meant disaster
to the Workers movement...
>Your readiness to denounce other people's "reformism" is something new for
>you. In the past you seemed content to write very high level, almost
>philosophical, reflections on Marxist theory. Now, like Torquemada, you
>can't wait to find an excuse to cast me down to reformist hell.

I can patiently explain to working class kids all day these questions. But
don,t expect that the people on this list who claim to be leaders and
marxist intellectuals deserve the same treatment. No, not at all. In this
former it is important to draw the sharp lines opf political difference...
>When I have functioned in the various mass movements of the last 30 years,
>there are always hangers-on who are all too happy to label an entire
>meeting or demonstration as "opportunist". The Spartacist League, a tiny
>Trotskyite sect which has never led a single mass demonstration or strike
>in its existence, has no competition in this arena.

Yes, i understand that polemics in the left have had some very strange
meetings and confrontations between the sects. This has been mainly because
the left has lived many long years in isolation and fraction fights during
the years of Stalinist and Social democratic domination of the workers
movement. However today there is a need for unity. However it has to have
some basic programatic principles. Or do you want a repeat of the last 70 years?

Finally, i have said this once before. I think that some of your
contributions are extremely informative and useful. However, we do have our
differences on the political level. I do not intend to sweep them under the
rug for the peace of mind of Louis or the list. Because the the future of
humanity depends on fighting this stuff out and finding a way forward..

So cool off Louis, Politics are dialectic. You hit somebody on the head and
they try to hit you back. Sometimes this creates motion in one direction or
the other. Standing still is just so boring and undialectic for me...

malecki in exile...

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