Do we support the leaders or the people?

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Sun Jun 9 02:28:27 MDT 1996

Actually Zeynep touches on a problem which is extremely important. There is
a tendency at least here of turning away from political organisations. Not
only the reformists organisations but all political organisations. Large
sections of both youth and working class people appear to be turning their
backs to the traditional organisations.

But a lot of this has to do with modern society. Part of a general tendency
to see all politicians as crooked. And partially because of the enormous
centralisation on all levels of just about any kind of decisions over the
heads of ordinary people.Partially because of despair in the urban poor
envionment. etc..

So how are we going to deal with the question. Because it is living reality.
I think at present there are a couple of levels we have to deal with. The
size of the left in its present condition of being split into a million
different groups and clicks. The general lay of things which tends to draw
people and politics to the right under pressure of the growing uncertainy of
the future. But also of finding a way forward now that Stalinism as a
poltical force has been broken.

Anybody who defends the line of going back to the good old times is in big
trouble. A revolutionary regroupment is going to have to take place on the
left. In general i think that the possibilities of a regroupment are in fact
growing. Just the presence of our Russian friend on this list shows that the
situation calls for a regroupment.

I think that the regroupment will have to take place along the lines of the
revolutionary internationalists closely linked to some of the key struggles
going on today. The battle field will be the trade unions, the growing
struggle against racist solutions, strikes, but also war and peace involving
the national question. The present contradictions and growing rivilry in the
imperialist countries will certainly lead to a rise in the struggles in
third world countries allso.

Perhaps in these struggles we will find that a regroupment process will take
place on the left..But the general trend appears to be a meeting on the
barricades. I think also that we underestimate the ability of the class of
putting forth a lot of leadership material in the coming struggles. The
natural cadre of the class. It will be the key to building mass
revolutionary parties and if schooled in critical marxism and not the our
great god and leader theory. This will and can be the bulwark against a
Bonarpartist coup by power hungry bureaucrats in the wake of the
revolutionary upheavals.

warm regards
malecki in exile...

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