What is a Jesuit?

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Jun 9 09:56:41 MDT 1996

Chris Tian Neigh Bour(ford)ly Love, London,

You wrote i.a.:

>Could Adolfo  explain what is the ideological
>meaning of labelling Gina and myself as jesuits?
>Or is it just knock about, in the name of anti-revisionist

>I think the pressure is on Adolfo to show that these questions
>are not legitimate.


It's not only comrade Adolfo who can clearly see that you and
Gina are typical jesuits. You speak oh-so"nicely", yet defend
and/or cover-up the obvious crimes of US imperialist agents
of the very worst kind. Perhaps you know whom I mean, specifically?
You're hypocrites. You pretend you "don't see" the beastliness,
you pretend "there haven't been any crimes". Rightly should you be
called "jesuits", by all Marxists. Without the likes of you,
the Quashpies of the world wouldn't have lasted for a minute.
As it is, they'll be defeated anyway, but for this it's also
necessary for all to see through your sort. To his merit,
journalist Ken Campbell, who never pretended to be a Marxist,
has done precisely that; he rightly lumped both of you right
together with the "Quispe" thing, where you belong.

Rolf M.

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