THE ULTIMATE JESUITICAL QUESTION - or playing with fire to burn others (PART ONE)

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What is a "Jesuit" Daddy?


>From the Main Newspaper in Lima: Diario El Comercio, Friday 07 June 1996 (El
Comercio, like The Times or New York Times in Britain and the US, and unlike
a mere scandal sheet "red-baiting" campaign, actually expresses the view and
considered political decisions of the big bourgeois and imperialism in Peru,
as well as presenting in a "serious" manner to the whole bourgeois public
opinion those most important political initiatives of the higher eschalons
of policy making in the Fujimori dictatorship for which they have set top


(Subtitle) The Justice Minister said that there is no country in the world
willing to grant (the "terrorists") asylum as persecuted people.

Carlos Hermoza Moya, the Justice Minister, yesterday emphasised that now
there is no country in the world willing to grant political asylum to
convicted and self-confessed terrorists as if they were political refugees.

"The nations of the world who are aware of the damage that terrorism has
inflicted in our country and the damage they have caused to humanity will
not grant political asylum to terrorist criminals", he emphasised.

After stressing that all countries in the world have taken stock of this
situation, he pointed out the decision of not granting polittical asylum
taken at the last Inter-American Conference on Terrorism.

It is in that context - the Minister said - that "we must already consider
demanding the extradition of terrorist criminals" who have committed these
crimes against our country.

"Be sure that any State that may be approached with these requests for
extradition will do it gladly" he said before the full Session of the
Peruvian Congress during Question and Answer time.

End of report (source: "Las Ultimas Noticias Calientes", Internet service
run by Jose Portillo Campbell, a Fujimori employee and publicist who holds a
public appointment with the Peruvian state Information machinery)


The above piece expresses in a nutshell the current (and long haul)
"Foreign" anti-subversive and counter-revolutionary policy of US imperialism
and the Fujimori dictatorship aimed at those who they regard as their
enemies abroad, principally those who in defending effectively and correctly
the policies of the revolutionary leadership in that country  - the
Communist Party of Peru - create serious problems of viability to other
aspects of the dictatorship's Foreign policy. Anyone having the slightest
acquaintance with real politics will understand, that this policy has the
following objectives:

1) Facilitate foreign investment and present Peru as a safe bet for
imperialist capital all over the world.

2) Counter the exposure carried out by the supporters of the PCP and the
Peruvian revolution of the corrupt and genocidal regime of Fujimori.

3) Isolate from progressive public opinion the voices which contribute to
inform correctly about the true character of the Peruvian revolution as a
proletarian led democratic revolution. For this purpose, they denigrate the
known and proven defenders of the Peruvian revolution by various means,
today, principally by means of infiltration and counter-intelligence

4) To advance the regime's policy of psychological warfare and moral
disarming of the fighting spirit of the Peruvian masses by means of a
campaign presenting the PCP as "weakened", "split", "willing to put an end
to the People's War in exchange for a plate of beans (freedom for those who
sign up the repentance laws".  To portray the PCP as an organisation of
"secretive terrorists" led by a "treacherous leader" willing to eat all his
words about "carrying the People's War through to the end".  To portray the
regime as successful, strong and confident , enjoying the support of
international public opinion and powerful enough to secure its will in
bringing - as Fujimori has woved in many occassions -  principally, "Luis
Arce Borja and Adolfo Olaechea back to Peru inside a cage and dressed with
monkey suits".

In psychological warfare, symbols are important, and precedents too are MOST
important in breaking down the natural resistance of democratic public
opinion and the legal framework of countries not overtly fascistic (where
legal niceties and public opinion still count) in order to commit such an
outrage which the US imperialists and their puppet Fujimori, consider
essential to revive their policy of seeking the surrender of the PCP, a plot
in fact being put back in the front burner - having failed before -
precisely because of the renewed advance of the People's War in the ground,
that is, in Peru itself!.

Only those with common sense and political acumen - obviously not the
Jesuits - can discern a policy.  A policy is not a caprice, it is a long
term strategic aim which is pursued by different tactical means.  In the
question of the extraditions, there is such a policy, and has existed, as we
have demonstrated, since as far back as 1992, when Fujimori first set in
motion his "Operation Ambassadors".  (See Article of El Diario Internacional
Number 20, published in this list).

Moreover, this policy has been, since October 1983, combined with that of
the "peace agreement" plot, having for that purpose enroled the services of
what the PCP Central Committee has rightly dubbed "a black gang" of
capitulators, police agents and old revisionists headed by Javier Esparza
Marquez "the individual in Sweden".

All the above are facts showing the content of the counter-revolutionary
strategy.  Any one with the barest common sense will be able to see the
incontestable logic of what we say.  All sincere Maoists in the world - the
true ones as oppossed to the plants and phonies - will have not the
slightests doubt of our analysis, and neither will any good intentioned
(pro-revolutionary intentions) person in this list or anywhere else in the


The Jesuit order was set up during the spread of Reformation ideas at the
end of the medieval period in Europe.  It was set-up as the "special
detachment" of the counter-reformation by the reactionary and obscurantist
Catholic hierarchy.

The Jesuit order, to be able to better play their role as "special
militarired detachment" of the Catholic Church, were very much unlike the
old orders of monks and friars which had been discredited in front of the
people - for their innefectual and gobbledigook doctrines placing
"salvation" in the obedience and economic acquiescence to Roman rule.

For this purpose, the Jesuits adopted much of the "modern" outlook of the
Reformers, including  a hint and a pose of "rebelliousness" aping the most
radical social programmes to come out of the various revolutions inspired by
the Reform, for example, the setting up of "socialistic" communities in
imitation of those proposed by the diggers and the most radical "socialists"
in Cromwell's England.

In fact, they even put these in practice in the Spanish colonies - the
Paraguayan Jesuit settlements where natives were rounded up and organised in
teocratic "communes".  These events, even today, are portrayed - in films
like "The Mission" - by Hollywood script writers who try to sell the idea of
presenting these experiments as "socialism".

No serious (i.e. Marxist) socialist can be deceived by these experiments
since their counter-revolutionary and obscurantist kernel - serving the
interests of feudalism and European reaction in general - cannot be doubted.

Thus, this "military order" of counter-reformers was unleashed by the papacy
(the headquarters of the counter-reformation) as the "fire brigade of God"
in order to defeat the social upheaval and the new progressive ideas of the
Reformers (who were ideologically linked to the emerging bourgeoisie),  by
the use of a carefully selected and trained "elite force" using "special
methods", including secret penetration, double agents, etc.

Principally, the Jesuit preachers were unleashed as an "army" of
"intellectuals" capable of "arguing" to death the Reform theologians by
methods which have become known as "Jesuit sophistry", and which even today
are used by the same religious order (not in vain they are the main motor
behind "Liberation Theology" the Vatican's own "secret weapon" to divert the
masses from Marxism).

The fact that this weapon tends to backfire on the Church's reactionary
interests on occassions, and that some honest people who are brought up as
supporters of "Liberation Theology" would at times in fact support
revolutionary movements compelled by their own sense of identification with
the class interests of the oppressed, should not in any way obscure the fact
that this "school of thought" - a quintessential "Jesuit" school, was
carefully nurtured and organised to play precisely a counter-revolutionary
role in defence of the institutions of the roman Church and its material


The "Jesuit method" is basically the method of "child-like" questioning
familiar to any parent who has brought up a 4 year old.  Endless questions
always preceded by "Daddy why..... And why?, and always why?.  This method,
understandable in a child, and in anyone with a genuine total ignorance of a
subject, becomes a tool in the hands of idiotic dissemblers and
counter-intelligence agents bent on winning time, ensnaring their victims in
tedious and unproductive discussions, which are clear for any one with a bit
of common sense, but which are looked into from the most absurd prespectives.

The objective mof these exercises, to waste time, while the Jesuits would
report on the existence of people with genuine Reform ideas so that the
Inquisition could raid their houses and arrest them, based on the "evidence"
collected by these Jesuit provocateurs.

Typical of these "evidence" as different from mere "intelligence" gathering,
is an incident we have seen already in this list: the opening provocation on
the part of Chris Burford in bringing up the case of the snitch Azcueta by
trying to pin me down with "evidence" that I was "inciting" his murder.

This type of operations are typical of the "jesuitry" - fishing for
"evidence" of "heresy" and/or "ploting against the temporal princes".
Anyone doubting this fact, should go over the record and see how in fact it
was the Jesuit Burford who tried this snare directly on me.  At that time,
we already thought, only an idiot or a "Jesuit", would actually propose such
a question specially towards anyone to whom to the barest common sense and
well intentioned person it would obviously appear that only intelligence
services gathering a dossier in order to implement an "extradition" on him,
would have an interest in that.

So we paid him back - as now is history - and frustrated and dissapointed
him no end in the process, while at the same time making the whole list
aware of the Marxist and revolutionary logic of the PCP, debunking the theme
of "Terrorists killing leftists".  In that occassion, it could have been
just Mr. Burford being particularly slow-witted and a man of a natural
"childishness".  However, he persists long into the evening in his methods,
and that, a forgivable "fever" in a real 8 year old, is a true "vice for an
old man", and any vice of that sort should indeed be looked with extreme

As we have already said, the Jesuit method was to present themselves as
"Reforming preachers", while practicing what Lenin has described thus in
comparing this quintessentially "left-wing childishness" method with that of

"It is a good Marxist custom to give a coherent and complete exposition of
the principles underlaying one's own views and tactics. And this good
Marxist custom has helped to reveal the mistake committed by our "Lefts"
(read here our childlike idiots, or worse, "old Jesuits posing as childish
people" A.O.), because the mere attempt to argue and not to declaim exposes
the unsoundness of their argument".

And Lenin goes on: "The first thing that strikes one is the abundance of
allusions, hints and evations....... (they dare not put the question in a
straightforward manner. They flounder about in a comical fashion, PILE
ARGUMENT ON ARGUMENT, FISH FOR REASONS, plead that "on the one hand" it may
be so, but "on the other hand" it may not, their thoughts wander over all
sundry subjects, THEY TRY ALL THE TIME NOT TO SEE that they are defeating
(V.I. Lenin, Leftwing Childishness and Petty Bourgeois Mentality, Collected
Works, Vol 27, pp 323-54)

Any one in this list has seen already - more than enough - of this method
>from various sources bent of creating confussion, generating smoke screens,
and in general facilitate the work of the Fujimori agents - which are real -
and the security forces bent on helping the implementation of his general

The question presented here, is "what is a Jesuit"?. We have exposed our
views on that. But that will not be enough.  Here we are not really
"arguing" with the Jesuits, since their opinions are not worth an candle.
Here we are trying to draw lessons to illuminate the practice of those who
will have it upon themselves to thwart, or do their best to thwart, the plot
of "extraditions" of the Fujimori regime and US imperialism.  One article
will of course not be sufficient for this. Therefore, we sall in the next
article proceed to take each "Jesuit" present here in this list at his /or
hers own word and expose their methods and their aims.  We will try to
establish the genuine idiots, from the feigned ones, as well, and all based
on the evidence of the record.

There is, of course a pressing issue.  A campaign geared to opening the door
to generalised repression of the enemies of the Fujimori dictatorship abroad
has already been set in motion precisely by one of the tools of Fujimori's
secret services.  It involves a real person who may or not have deluded by
this gang of adventurers and counter-revolutionary agents.  We believe that
real efforts should be unertaken to prevent Salazar Calero's "deportation",
not only in human terms, but because it is in fact a TEST CASE for a policy
which the fascist Fujimori regime is prclaiming from the ROOF TOPS, and
which, of course, our "jesuits" are trying to obscure AND SERVE with
"Jesuitical questioning"

That is why the next delivery will deal with the theme:


There is no better exposure of "Jesuistry" (a form of "casuistry") than
analysing exactly their motives and their deeds behind the smokescreen of
words and empty declarations with which they themselves have outlined the
"principles underlaying (their) own views and tactics", as Lenin pointed out
long ago.

Adolfo Olaechea

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