More tilting at windmills

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Sun Jun 9 13:58:54 MDT 1996

So instead of updating us on his preparatory work for the
World Mobilising Commission, Adolfo has decided to spend more
time tilting at windmills, in my case, a member, in his
eyes of the liberal bourgeoisie, for my temerity in objecting
to being sneered at as a Jesuit.

At least I now know what the insult meant. -
The Jesuit method
is one of repeatedly asking questions like a 4 year old child.

So if one keeps on asking what is the evidence that the PCP
backs the WMC initiative that has split the Maoists on this l'st,
until someone else, (MIM), gives a definitive answer that there is
*no* evidence, that is an example of what Adolfo objects to.
As well he might of course.

His condescension that he sees himself as the adult and the
poser of the legitimate question as a mere 4 year old, is

A jesuit to him is also someone who snares his victim in tedious and
unproductive discussions. But in one bound Adolfo is free. Only
to be rushing towards the windmills again.

It now appears that his quite macabre handling of the Aczueta
case which was the final straw prompting a good number of
people to leave the l'st, was the responsibility again of
an evil jesuit, nothing to do with Adolfo. He merely avoided
the snare, but unfortunately had to take a long time, and many
flourishes to do it.

Having derided Luis Quispe and Marcelina for
taking seriously a visit by the police, and actually using it
as evidence that they were phoneys and police spies, it now seems
the threat of deportation is real for Adolfo too. Which is what I
tried to point out to him some time ago.

If Adolfo wants to set the terms of the debate on the basis of
how we can defend (bourgeois) democratic rights against
deportation, good. I am more impressed though by New Flag's evidence
that they will work with supporters of the MRTA, and Trotskyists,
in defence of Lori Berenson, than I am that Adolfo will
work with members of the small Stalin society, and pull off
the odd brilliant coup with Her Majesty the Queen.

As I pointed out, a Saudi-Arabian dissident was very nearly
deported here recently in circumstances  serious risking to his
life. Despite the fact that we have a very reactionary Home Secretary,
and several British companies lost contracts, this was thwarted by
a broadly based campaign including many left wingers and liberals.

If Adolfo would stop using anti-revisionism as an excuse
for arrogant and contemptuous behaviour towards other left wingers,
we would be more secure that any moves to deport Peruvians from
England, would also fail. His real stumbling block is he does
not know how to integrate a struggle against revisionism with
broadly based work, in which he can unite with the majority
of well-intentioned people. Its all polemic.

Why don't you cut out the flourishes, Adolfo, and get on with it,
whether it is the World Mobilising Commission, or campaigning
against deportation?

But if I "ensnare you in tedious and unproductive discussion" you
have only yourself to blame. Why did the Good Lord give you
a right hand, if it wasn't to be able to press the delete key?


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