labor camps

Mon Jun 10 11:15:24 MDT 1996

     Although nobody called me on it, apparently I made an
error in my "Deng on Stalin" post yesterday.  Last evening
I read a review of a book by Ian Lumsden, _Machos, Maricos,
and Gays: Cuba and Homosexuality_ in which it was claimed that
during the '60s many gays were put in "work camps."  As has
been reported on this list, Cuban policy today is much more tolerant.
     But apparently there were "work camps."  It is my impression
that they are no more.  Can anybody confirm or deny this?  It is
also my impression that they were never on the scale in percentage
terms as in Stalin's USSR or Mao's/Deng's China.  Again, can anybody
confirm or deny any of the above?
     Although labor camps were a major feature of the Stalinist
regime, they also existed under Lenin.  But then, they also existed
under the tsars as well.
     Aside to malecki:  Yeah, you're probably right.  We all ought
to go soft on poor old Louis P.  My current theory is that louisgodena
got to him; showed up in his office one day, threatened to unplug his
computer, and did something weird to his lower lip.  No wonder he is
silent before the squashboots who called him a "social fascist."
Barkley Rosser

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