labor camps

Paul Gallagher pcg at
Mon Jun 10 10:48:57 MDT 1996

>      Although nobody called me on it, apparently I made an
> error in my "Deng on Stalin" post yesterday.  Last evening
> I read a review of a book by Ian Lumsden, _Machos, Maricos,
> and Gays: Cuba and Homosexuality_ in which it was claimed that
> during the '60s many gays were put in "work camps."  As has
> been reported on this list, Cuban policy today is much more tolerant.
>      But apparently there were "work camps."  It is my impression
> that they are no more.  Can anybody confirm or deny this?  It is
> also my impression that they were never on the scale in percentage
> terms as in Stalin's USSR or Mao's/Deng's China.  Again, can anybody
> confirm or deny any of the above?
>      Although labor camps were a major feature of the Stalinist
> regime, they also existed under Lenin.  But then, they also existed
> under the tsars as well.

There's prison labor in the US too, and I assume in just about every
country.  Perhaps you should look into the subject.


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