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Mon Jun 10 11:14:38 MDT 1996

>Whether it is the right word is another matter - I think the relationship
>between workers and a workers state is more than merely invigilation.
>Invigilators make sure the rules are obeyed, but don't actually take the
>exam, nor do they make the rules. Workers make the rules, solve the problems
>with reference to these rules, and make sure they are obeyed, changing the
>rules whenever neccessary.

You're talking, presumably, about one of those workers's states that
doesn't exist, and has never existed except for brief moments. In "actually
existing" socialist states, the top hierarchy decided on the basis of
profound dialectically material considerations what the rules should be and
how they should be obeyed, then changed them after 30 seconds or so if too
few malefactors could be found.


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