labor camps

Mon Jun 10 13:31:25 MDT 1996

To Paul Gallagher:
     Yes, there is prison labor in the US and in most countries.
But what percentage of it is political prisoners?  There are
some in the US, e.g. Leonard Peltier and some others.  But
unless one wishes to identify all thieves as political prisoners
because they are "attacking property" in a capitalist system,
the numbers are pretty small in the US.
     Now there are capitalist countries with large numbers of
political prisoners, Peru for example.
     It may remain the case, if one is willing to say that gays
in the 60s were not political prisoners, and I might be willing
to go along with that, that there were no (or few, I don't know
the numbers) political prisoners in labor camps in Cuba.
     The numbers were certainly very high in Stalin's USSR and
Mao's China, and by most reports are still high in Deng's China,
easily much higher by any measure than in the US, although not
necessarily more so than in Peru.
Barkley Rosser

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