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Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 10 13:43:26 MDT 1996

I find it very strange that Rolf should describe Avakian
as a "US imperialist agent" and then C as an Avakian clone,
and then expect C to have a constructive dialogue with him.

It is as strange as arguing that the "lumpen-proletarian
debate methods" of Quispe prove their "counter-revolutionary

If C is reluctant to reply to Rolf at any length, and feels that
Rolf has an  advantage in being a single person
in "consistently" advocating "the ideological and political
line of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong" (and can add modestly,
"It would be fair to say, I think, that I'm a representative
of that line."), whereas C has to discuss with a group of other
comrades before clarifying their line..

if therefore C does not get round to studying collectively
all 16 of the documents that Rolf is kind enough to offer to
send him, could he please just send the original statement not in
MIME but in straight text format so that the rest of the l'st
can see the politics of his reservation about the call of the
WMC at this time, and consider the issues of international
solidarity as wider principles than this snarling dog fight.

It would have the merit of responding to the strongest part of
Rolf's statement and in turn prompting Rolf and Adolfo
to clarify their positions on the questions C raises

But for those of us without MIME it was unintelligible.

In a second posting on the same day, 4 June, you also reproduced
a statement by two organizations in Australia, the Committee to
Support the Revolution in Peru, CSRP(Australia), and the Committee
for a Revolutionary Communist Party in Australia, CRCPA, in which
they stated their decision *not* to endorse the call for a World
Mobilisation Commission. The line of this statement, some four pages
long, absolutely is an erroneous one. At the same time, it raises some
questions which indeed are important, concerning the WMC, questions
which need to be answered, I think, by those who, like myself, support
the call for the WMC. I on my part intend to get back to the issues
raised by the CSRP(Australia) and the CRCPA later, to make my
standpoint on them clear.

(SJ to Adolfo)

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