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[Note: In one earlier posting today on another subject, headed
"Does the Avakian clone 'C' really want to debate line?", I by
misfortune in the very first line maintained that a certain debate
on the Marxism list "took part" instead of "took place", which was
what I meant, of course, and later in the posting also wrote a
couple of things which were linguistically somewhat inconsistent.
They could hardly have caused misunderstandings of any importance,
but I hereby apologize for the errors - I do have the intention to
"let each part stand in its place" and regret each time in my
postings this isn't quite so. - RM]

[In this posting on the role of the Gang of Four in the struggle
which eventually led to the overtrow of socialism in China, I bring in
translation the telegram from Chairman Klaus Sender of the KPD/ML(NEUE
EINHEIT), Germany, to Chairman Hua Guofeng of the Communist Party of
China congratulating the latter on his appointment and on the victory
against the phoney"left" Gang of Four, of 1 November 1976. My source
is the No. 3 /1976 issue of the journal NEUE EINHEIT, pp 15-19, and I
include also the comments on the telegram in that issue of the journal.]

[Concerning the reception which this telegram got in China, see
a brief comment after the reproduced text - RM]

[Precisely this document is of considerable importance in this
context to the revolutionaries of today. This because it among
other things points to that *subversion against the international
communist movement* which, 20 years ago and *still today*,
was and is connected with the question of the Gang of Four in
China. "Avakianism" and also "MIMism" are present-day reactionary,
phoney"Marxist" ideological currents corresponding to it. This
document, by the extraordinarily great insight in the matters on the
part of the then KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) which it shows up, also points
to the extremely advanced character of that party at that time. I'll
later, for comparison, reproduce the statements on the same occasion
by some other parties in the world, as published in the issuies of
the Peking Review in late 1976.]

[One later statement by the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), that of October
1978 which condemned the betrayal by the Chinese revisionists,
repudiateed the reactionary line of Deng Xiaoping / Hua Guofeng and
also that of the Gang of Four, and declared that that party would
continue to uphold Mao Zedong's allsidedly correct line, I already
have reproduced once, in my "UNITE" Info #1en" (and also #1de and
#1se) of 23.12.1995. I'll bring it again as posting (10) on the
present subject. Further postings concerning above all the
subversion against the international communist movement in this
context will follow.]

[In studuing this document, readers today, I hope, will get a hint
towards the fact that, if they today could reach an understanding
of the situation in the world which is comparable to that which the
KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) had of the situation then, some 20 years
ago, this would mean a considerable advance on the part of the
revolutionary forces.]

     A   G R E A T   H I S T O R I C   V I C T O R Y

   The Telegram from Chairman Klaus Sender to
                    Chairman Hua Kuo-feng

The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Kommunistische
Partei Deutschlands / Marxisten - Leninisten (NEUE EINHEIT),
comrade Klaus Sender, on 1 November 1976 sent to comrade
Hua Kuo-feng, on the occasion of his appoointment as Chairman
of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and
Chairman of the Military Commission of the C.P.C Central
Committee, a telegram which also expresses the joy of our
Party at the victory over the counter-revolutionary black Gang
of Four and contains some important points concerning the
political evaluation of these counter-revolutionary forces.

Because of its importance, the telegram was also published as
"Revolutionaere Stimme" Extrablatt No. 28. [Those extra editions
of that party's paper were disseminated as leaflets. - RM] The
"Revolutionaere Stimme" Extrablatt No. 28 was published on
6 November under the title "A Great Historical Victory - The
Telegram of Chairman Klaus Sender to Chairman Hua Kuo-feng"
and was distributed in mass edition in our country. From 30
October on, the article "Great Historic Victory" was distributed
by our party [i.e. the leading article of three Chiese publications
on 25.10.76, published abroad in e.g. the Peking Review issue
No. 44 / 76 of 29.10.76 - text, see my posting (8) on this subject],
later together with the text of the telegram in the "Revoultionare
Stimme" Extrablatt No. 28.

The telegram from Chairman Klaus Sender reads:

     To the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of China and Chairman of the Military Commission of the
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, comrade
Hua Kuo-feng!

     To your appointment as Chairman of the Central Committee of
the Communistof  Party of China and Chairman of the Military
Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of
China I would like to convey to you the most cordial congratulations
and at the same time congratulate you to the great victory over the
anti-Party clique of four Wang Hung-wen, Chang Chun-chiao, Chiang
Ching and Yao Wen-yuan on the occasion of their attempt to usurp
Party and state leadership.

     With the victory over the Gang of Four, a quite extraordinarily
important victory against revisionism has been achieved, a point of
departure for an entire new epoch of battles. With it, the most
dangerous grouping at the present time has been hit.

     They are representatives of phoney"Marxism" and capitulation.
They indeed are typical representatives of the bourgeoisie within the
Party. They stand in connection with the very worst reaction and have
committed enormous crimes. The subversion which emanates from them
constitutes a considerable danger to the international proletariat,
to the Communist world movement, to the Chinese people and the entire
Third World and all peoples and to the European peoples, who are
under the threat of an aggression by social-imperialism, in a
particularly great degree.

     Their plots and international machinations, their intervention
in favour of phoney"Marxism" and revisionism have caused most serious
damage internationally and must be smashed completely. They are a
clique of repudiation of Marxism and of resistance against the
proletarian revolutionary line of Chairman Mao. The annihilating and
hate-filled outcries of the proletariat and the broad masses in the
gigantic demonstrations in China correspond to the interests of the
international proletariat and of all peoples. These we have learned
of with great joy indeed.

     By your resolute action, you have done an extremely great
service to the international proletariat and to the overwhelming
majority of all people.

     The repudiation of the influence of this Gang and its sources is
an important constituent part of the continuation of the revolution
under the dictatorship of the proletariat. The criticism of Teng
Hsiao-ping likewise is being continued.

     It is impossible in the briefness of a telegram to go into all
aspects of this really great victory. But quite certainly, the criticism
of the clique of four will serve the uniting of all revolutionary forces
in the world, both the uniting of the proletariat with the oppressed
peoples and nations and the uniting of the proletariat in the
different countries and also the unity of the Third World and also
the uniting of those forces which oppose hegemonism and also the
crystallization, the further development and the carrying-out of
the genuinely Marxist-Leninist line. To carry the great criticism
further to the annihilation of this clique is a great common task,
to free both China and the Marxist-Leninist movement in the world
>from an evil. With this victory, years of hopes entertained by
phoney-"Marxism" have been put to an end.

     Long live the great, glorious and correct Communist Party of

     Long live the Central Committee led by comrade Hua Kuo-feng!

     Long live the great historic victory over the anti-Party clique
guilty of heinous crimes, the Gang of Four!

End of October 1976

Klaus Sender

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Kommunistische Partei
Deutschlands / Marxisten-Leninisten (NEUE EINHEIT)

So far the text of the telegram and the political taking of position
which it contains. To the telegram is appended the leaflet with the
joint leading article of the Chinese newspaper "People's Daily",
the journal "Red Flag" and the newspaper "Liberation Army's Daily"
of 25 October 1976, "A Great Victory of Historic Significance", which
since 30 October 1976 is being disseminated by us and which gives an
account of the essential events in China.

[See my posting (8) on this subject, in which this leading article
was reproduced. - RM]

Further on, it will be necessary to go into the details of all the
questions in this connection, both as to China and as to the
international movement and also in particular as to events in this

[So far the telegram and the comments on it by the KPD/ML(NEUE

[How was this telegram received in China? It was suppressed

[It wasn't even mentioned, much less published, by the Peking
Review, for instance. This in contradiciton to the publishing
by that journal in English, with versions in several other languages
too, of a great number of such congratulatory statements on this
occasion, in its issues No.:s  46 (12.11.76) to 52 (24.12.76) of
the year 1976. For comparison and also to show what were the
standpoints, on that occasion, of several other parties which
supported the Communist Party of China, I'll reproduce some
of them in full or in part in a later posting.]

[But the suppression of this extremely important telegram from the
chairman of the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), precisely that statemennt,
too, which contained the most enthusiastic support of all for, and
showed by far the best understanding of all of, that big blow in
China against the Gang of Four together with the continuation -
which there still was, in words at least - of the criticism of Deng
Xiaoping, that suppression was something which could not but lead to
the gravest suspicions concerning the real motives of those leading
forces who had - so far, with the massive support of the Chinese
people - dealt the Gang of Four that blow. This, and later
developments in China and internationally, will be the subject of
later postings by me, not necessarily in the present series, i.e.
the one (mainly) about the role of the Gang of Four. - RM]

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