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>And then, the same person who ONCE HELD that "The call for peace
>negotiations is now and always was, a line invented and
>promoted by that very U.S.-backed Peruvian government"
>And moreover, a person who headed her own flier as "AN ABSOLUTE LIE" (i.e. a
>100% lie) now is peddling the line of "part fraud/part police plot" advanced
>by the Fujimori agent "Quispe" to justify the La Torres as "poor deluded"
>individuals.  That is JESUITICAL, for you!

In all humility, my good Father Superior, you are by far the
better Jesuit than I.  In fact, I STILL hold that:

>There is no such line "calling for peace negotiations
>with the U.S.-backed Peruvian government" that "emerged
>from within the ranks of the PCP."  The call for peace
>negotiations is now and always was, a line invented and
>promoted by that very U.S.-backed Peruvian government.
>That line and whatever influence it may have had within
>the PCP was throughly defeated *more than two years ago!*

It is you, my good Father, who is firmly upholding our holy
mataphysical tradition by insisting on the pristine purity of this
100% police hoax, 100% external to the party.  I who have
been so thoroughly corrupted by the heresy of dialectical
materialism have this stubborn insistance that NOTHING is
ever 100% anything.  That EVERYTHING, without exception
consists of the unity and struggle of opposites.  That without
the existance WITHIN  the PCP of the Right Opportunist Line,
this police invention would have completely fizzled.

Your esteemed colleague, Saint Luis of Brussles documents
this in his tract "Operation Capitulation" of EDI #25, October
1994.  First the adherants of the ROL opposed the initiation
of the People's War; later the advance to mobile warfare, and
finally these self-same individuals were won to backing, promoting,
and even HELPING TO CREATE  the "peace talks letters from
Chairman Gonzalo".  Without this help, the SIN or DINCOTE
could not have made them believable enough for even the
worst rightists to accept.

I do believe that this was exactly what the comrades in the
Order of the New Flag were valiently trying to evangelize only
a few short weeks ago.  I must admire your eminence's
steadfast resistance to this heresy.

In fact, for a moment, I thought I saw an unholy similarity
between the line of the WMC (especially with your most
articulate recent clarification of it) and the line in that RW article:

>"...Yet today the greatest challenge the People's War
>faces does not come from such assaults by the enemy.
>It comes from a line, or strategy for the revolution,
>which emerged from within the ranks of the PCP, calling
>for peace negotiations with the U.S.-backed Peruvian

...only instead of seeing this greater danger to the revolution
as being INSIDE the PCP, the way the followers of Saint Bobby
do, you see it as being in the midst of the support movement
overseas...but I'm sure it's just my heretical thinking that makes
those things seem similar.  I mean, if you, the great Father
Superior, say that all these "revisionists" and "avakianists" and
"capitulators" running around here calling themselves supporters
of the People's War, are REALLY a bigger enemy of the PCP
than imperialism itself, then who am I to argue?

Humbly yours,
Gina, SJ
????Huh??? since when do they let girls be Jevvies? Have you
checked this out with J.P. the Deuce?

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