"The Four" & events in China '76 (10): NE Oct 1978

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"The Four" & events in China '76 (10): NE Oct 1978 [Posted:10.06.96]

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[As posting (10) on this subject I bring again the important statement
of the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) in Germany of October 1978. It evaluated=20
the then recent events in China in a correct and all-round way and=20
also pointed out what was the significance to the entire world of=20
these events. At that time, the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) was still a=20
genuinely proletarian revolutionary party and an extremely advanced=20
one, and it remained so for approximately another decade. On later=20
events, I'll bring some more postings, not necessarily in this series.=20
This statement of October 1978 I still consider to be an important=20
guideline for all Marxist-Leninists in the world today. - RM]=20

UNITE! Info #1en: A Basic Statement of Oct 1978 [Posted: 23.12.95]

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As #1 I post in translation a statement by the KPD/ML(NEUE=20
EINHEIT) published in Germany in 1978/79:


    Our Party here reaffirms and stresses: We continue to adhere

completely to the basic principles of Mao Zedong. Both his line of the

Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, of continued struggle against the

bourgeoisie, and also his revolutionary foreign policy during the

seventies were in their basic conception and in their execution=20

completely correct. In this there is nothing decisive and important to

criticize. Deng Xiaoping and also the "Gang of Four" have tried to

undermine this line and to split the correct forces from one another.

Both the big blow against the "Gang of Four" and the discharge of

the hate and fury against the machinations of this grouping and also

the actions of the present Chinese leadership show how very right

Mao Zedong was. We absolutely repudiate both the line "KPD" /

Deng Xiaoping / Hua Guofeng and also the line "Roter Morgen" /

"Gang of Four". They constitute two deviations which wish once more

to act, to the detriment of the correct line, as opportunist underminers

and pacifiers. They have however already in the main failed, since

Mao Zedong in his last years through his decision against Deng

Xiaoping and also against the "Gang of Four" achieved that they can

only more or less openly today take a stand against him and no

longer can directly refer to him and must work towards his being

"surmounted". We combat this.

    Under the conditions of further regrouping in the world, which now=20

is being caused by the betrayal also by the Chinese revisionists, the

chances for and the necessity of such a political line absolutely=20

remain in existence. We shall defend it.

    The peoples are badly advised to embrace either one of the two big

revisionists and to applaud him, or to welcome U.S. imperialism as=20

the one who pulls the strings behind the stage. All those are=20

reactionaries, and what is necessary is revolution. This truth of Mao

Zedong's remains in existence and will undoubtedly vanquish.

(Translation from the German by RM, 1993)


The above statement was also published by me in Swedish on
1.5.1980 as part of INFORMATIONSBLAD No. 14, and later in
English and Swedish in a leaflet in June 1993. The latter also
contained the following note:

    "Unfortunately, later, the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) itself=20
    degenerated and became a bourgeois party. Concerning this,
    see 'EINE KRITIK der buergerlichen Politik der KPD/ML(NEUE
    EINHEIT), oder wie sie nunmehr heisst, und ihres Vorsitzenden
    Klaus Sender, 1989 / Mitte 1990' by the below publisher, Aug/Sep

I later received a letter from the CC of the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT),
of 15.9./13.10.1994. It stated i.a. that "copyright" to all publications=20
of that party belonged to its chairman, Klaus Sender, and that he
"expressly forbade" the publishing of translations etc of such
publications together with statements that did not suit that party.

In order to avoid a legal conflict over copyright, no statement will
be made here concerning the present class character of the KPD/ML

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Avocate de la ligne politique de Marx, Le'nine et Mao Zedong.
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